What Should New England Do With Chad Ochocinco?

What should New England do with Chad Ochocinco's contract? (Photo Credit: USA Today)

By Matt Noonan 

One of the beauties of living in Boston is that all four major professional sports teams are constantly being examined under a microscope.

Reporters, media members and fans always question various decisions or moves that team owners and presidents execute on a day-to-day basis. And with that being said, I’ve decided to join this so-called “party” by providing a few thoughts on some recent New England Patriots news pertaining toward Mr. Chad Ochocinco.

Here is my two-cents on his current contract:

When reports surfaced on Wednesday about the Patriots considering restructuring Ochocinco’s contract, the first thing I thought was that the highly touted wide out was going to be shown the door.

However, I was wrong.

What the Patriots are doing is practically redoing a deal that is providing Ochocinco with too much money. He’s expected to receive a base salary of $3 million in 2012 and an additional $3 million in 2013, but since he finished the past season with just 15 catches and one touchdown, I think it’s best that the organization lowers his future income, especially since he hasn’t exceeded expectations.

A player who earns that much money in the NFL should have finished a campaign with more catches and touchdowns, but numerous mistakes hampered Ochocinco, who clearly didn’t understand Bill Belichick’s system.

So, what should New England do?

Well, I’d say, lower his monthly income, and make sure he begins preparing for the upcoming season immediately.

He certainly can make an impact on a team that definitely needs a “deep threat.” The Patriots offense is lethal with tight ends Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez, as well as the best quarterback in the game, Tom Brady. However, if Ochocinco learns the playbook, he’ll be able to assist his offensive counterparts by stretching the field, and opening up various pass and run plays, too.

I’m a firm believer in Ochocinco, and confident that an actual non-lockout offseason will help this two-time First-Team All-Pro makeup for his 2011 blunders.

Daily Noontime – Feb. 29, 2012

Ray Allen led the Celtics with 22 points on Tuesday! (Photo Credit: Boston Herald)

By NoontimeSports.com 

It’s the final day of February, and while we anxiously await our first “real winter storm” in Boston, let’s dish out some news and headlines.

Ray Allen tallied 22 points, and Kevin Garnett added 18 points and eight rebounds, which helped the Boston Celtics defeat the Cleveland Cavaliers, 86-83. The win also marks the end of a five-game losing streak, too. Boston will return to the court on Wednesday when they welcome Milwaukee to the TD Garden for a 7:30pm tip-off.

* Erik Karlsson netted the only goal in Tuesday’s Boston-Ottawa clash, as the Senators defeated the Bruins, 1-0. Tim Thomas deflected 37 shots, while Boston’s offense recorded 32 shots on net. Also, the Bruins finished the game 0-for-4 on the power play. Boston will return to the ice on Thursday when they welcome New Jersey to their home rink.

* According to reports – the New England Patriots have approached wide receiver Chad Ochocino about restructuring his contract. Ochocinco signed a three-year, $11.5 million contract in August of 2011, and ended the past season with 15 catches for 276 yards and one touchdown.

Countdown to Super Bowl XLVI: Recapping Media Day (Links)

The New England Patriots players seemed to enjoy Media Day! (Photo Credit: TimesUnion.com)

By NoontimeSports.com 

It’s Tuesday, which means we’re inching closer to Sunday’s big game between the New England Patriots and New York Giants. Although, while we anxiously count down the hours, minutes and seconds, let’s continue our series, “Countdown to the Super Bowl” with a few highlights and links from Media Day.

* Media Day’s are normally filled with a variety of thought provoking, as well as silly and bizarre questions. Do you think someone asked Bill Belichick to spell his receivers names? I don’t think so, but according to an article from the AP, we learn about some of the unusual questions that were asked on Tuesday.

* ESPNBoston.com provided an interesting blog that featured highlights of a Tedy Bruschi interview on The Herd with Chris Cowherd radio show. Bruschi talked about the big game and tight end Rob Gronkowski‘s injury.

* Patriots wide receiver Chad Ochocinco reflected on this past year with New England, and talked with the NFL Network about the opportunity to play in the Super Bowl.

* New England quarterback Tom Brady certainly enjoyed his fifth “Media Day,” and handled the press “with aplomb.”

* According to ESPNNewYork.com – Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz is excited to test the Patriots questionable secondary.

* The New York Times provides an interesting piece on quarterback Eli Manning, who spoke with reporters about his brother Peyton Manning, but not his future.

* It’s a total long shot, but could Giants head coach Tom Coughlin “be forging a legacy” if his team defeats the Patriots, again?

* The New York Daily News profiled Belichick’s “Media Day” experience.

Noonan: Quick Thoughts on Week 15 of the NFL

Reggie Wayne pumps his fist on Sunday to celebrate the Colts victory on Sunday! (Photo Credit: SB Nation)

By Matt Noonan 

Sunday was a wild day across the NFL, but now, literally hours after all the lights have been turned off, and fans have marched home, I, Matt Noonan have a few things to say about one of the most wackiest days in professional football, so here we go…

* The Chiefs-Packers game was quite intriguing, but so was watching the Colts earn their first win against the Titans. It was also nice to see Jim Isray smile too, as well as announce that Peyton Manning won’t play for the remainder of the season. Hmm… I think that was an obvious, right?

* Sunday was also the first time that New England Patriots wide receiver Chad Ochocinco caught a touchdown, as well as provided some necessary blocks on offense too. Ochocinco then took to Twitter a few hours after his team’s game against Denver concluded, and wrote, “Never look down on people. My grandma always said whatever’s on the bottom is holding you up.” I guess his grandmother provided the inspiration for his first official touchdown in a New England uniform, eh?

* The Oakland Raiders celebrated Louis Murphy’s first score of the year, but sadly, they couldn’t control their exuberant emotions, which allowed Detroit the opportunity to rally and win their ninth game of the season, 28-27.

* In case you didn’t know, both New York teams, the Giants and Jets, lost. Yep, those losses will come back to haunt Big Blue and Gang Green at some point, but in the meantime, the city that never sleeps still has the Knicks and Rangers to follow.

* What’s the matter with Ryan Fitzpatrick? After signing a rather lucrative contract a few weeks ago, he hasn’t won a game. Doesn’t that bother Buffalo Bills fans?

* As mentioned above, I did find the Chiefs-Packers game intriguing, but also a great moment for interim head coach Romeo Crennel, who spoke rather highly of his team’s effort and performance against Green Bay. Yet, after this particular win, I have to ask the following… Should he be considered for the head-coaching job for next year? My answer… YES!

* The St. Louis Rams are in a world of hurt, and according to reports on Monday; head coach Steve Spagnuolo’s job is in serious jeopardy. He may not be coaching the men dressed in blue and yellow next year, but overall, I think it’s safe to say, he gave it his best shot.

* So, where have the San Diego Chargers been the past few weeks? Suddenly, they want to win? They’ll need a lot of help these next two weeks, but overall, their affair against Baltimore proved that the Ravens might not be the best squad in the AFC.  

NFL Week 10 — News and Notes

By NoontimeSports.com 

It’s hard to believe, but it’s officially week 10 in the NFL, wow! Here’s some of the latest news and headlines from around the league.

* On Tuesday, Dallas Cowboys legendary quarterback Roger Staubach chatted with the Huffington Post about his former team, and quarterback Tony Romo. Here’s the 1985 Pro Bowl’s thoughts on his former squad, enjoy.

* It became official early Wednesday morning that Penn State football coach Joe Paterno will retire after the current season concludes.

* The Oakland Raiders have struggled the past two weeks against divisional foes, but hopefully Hue Jackson and his Silver and Black crew can rebound Thursday against the San Diego “Super” Chargers.

* The Detroit Lions have officially booked Nickleback to perform on Thanksgiving Day against the Green Bay Packers, but according to a MTV personality/author, they’re not too fond of this particular decision.

* On Tuesday, the New England Patriots cut ties with defensive end Albert Haynesworth, and on Wednesday, no news was reported about cuts or acquisitions. Yet, some believe it’s possible that the team might consider cutting Chad Ochocinco too.

Daily Noontime – November 9, 2011

Wahoo! It’s “hump day,” which means it’s officially Wednesday! Here’s some of the latest news, headlines and more, enjoy!


* The New York Times reported on Tuesday that Penn State head coach Joe Paterno‘s exit would be within a matter of days or weeks, but now, there is a recent report that claims he is “the King of Pennsylvania.”

* According to the USA Today, Paterno’s final game with Penn State would be this Saturday against Nebraska.

* On Tuesday evening, FOX Sports reported an interesting story regarding Penn State students flooding Paterno’s house, and chanting, “We Want Joe!”

*According to a recent NBA Lockout report — Players have rejected commissioner David Stern and owner offers.

* On Tuesday, the Boston Herald confirmed that New England Patriots defensive end Albert Haynesworth was officially released.

* According to a recent ProFootballTalk.com report — Tom Brady has assured the general public that wide receiver Chad OchoCinco is getting better every day.

Games to Watch: 

* New York Rangers at Ottawa (NHL) – 7:30pm eastern 

* Philadelphia at Tampa Bay (NHL) – 7:30pm eastern 

Video of the Day: 

Here’s a quality song and dance to kick-start your day! 

Daily Noontime – September 26, 2011

The Patriots Got Buffaloed by the Bills on Sunday!

Happy Monday y’all and welcome into yet another awesome edition of the Daily Noontime! Here’s some headlines and news, enjoy! 


* After Sunday’s win against the New England Patriots, it seems that Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Buffalo Bills have something to prove.

* Luckily for the Pittsburgh Steelers, a last minute field goal was the key in Sunday’s win against the Indianapolis Colts.

* Apparently some believe that Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick was treated unfairly by the referees, which resulted in a broken right hand against the New York Giants.

* The Tennessee Titans may have beaten the Denver Broncos, but they also lost their star-studded receiver too, Kenny Brit.

* It’s hard to believe, but both the Atlanta Braves and Boston Red Sox lead both their wild card standings by one game.

* Patriots wide receiver Chad Ochocinco told the media that he should have caught a wide open pass from Tom Brady, as well as stated, “it’s football.”

Games to Watch: 

* Boston at Baltimore (MLB) – 7:05pm eastern 

* Philadelphia at Atlanta (MLB) – 7:10pm eastern 

* New York Yankees at Tampa Bay (MLB) – 7:10pm eastern

* Washington at Dallas (NFL) – 8:30pm eastern 

Video of the Day: 

Could there be a new quarterback controversy in Philadelphia, especially if Vick is injured?


Rubin: Thoughts on Ron Artest’s Name Change

So, apparently Ron Artest changed his name, but what's his next plan of attack?

By Dan Rubin 

Ron Artest’s name change was officially approved on Friday, which happened to be an early birthday present to myself because it gives me a laundry list of jokes about ten pages long. Although, I am honestly contemplating buying his jersey, especially since I want to support him, as well as his new name, Metta World Peace.

Artest originally wanted to change his number to 70, but the NBA reportedly denied his request. Apparently, there’s a little known rule that a player has to have one number for approximately five-years before they can change it. I don’t know how he was able to negotiate a change from 37 to 15 in his first two seasons in Los Angeles, but the league denied him the right to change if for a third year.

Yet, Artest’s name changes the game. Chad Johnson’s name change to Ochocinco was funny, but Artest is a different story. He’s just nuts, although, I know he’s going to use this name change for the greater good. So, with that being said, here’s my Top-5 List of things Ron Artest will do with his new name.

1. He’ll quit the NBA and relocate to Zimbabwe to raise unicorns. If Metta World Peace or Ron Artest or whatever we’re calling him these days said, he was going to do this, would you argue with him? It’s like when Mike Tyson retired from boxing to raise pigeons. Bill Simmons from ESPN.com used to talk about how they reached a crazy zone, which was called, “Tyson Zone.” Well, if World Peace said he was going to do this zany move, I don’t think any of us would be shocked.

2. No NBA referee will charge him with a foul. If you were a referee, would you blow a whistle and call a foul against a man named World Peace? I’m not putting anything past NBA officials – they’re so crooked, but they might hate World Peace or his actions. Although, if you’re an NBA official, would you call a foul against him? He’ll never have a foul called on him, especially if he tears a limb off from Amare Stoudamire or Dirk Nowitzki’s body.  

3.  He’ll secretly become the next Secretary General of the United Nations. Over the years, secretary-generals names have included, U Thant and Kofi Annan. If World Peace becomes the new head of the world’s peacekeeping organization, then nobody would ask questions, right? His name fits so perfectly.

4. He’ll star in an Adult Film. This idea might be a tad bit risqué, but if Metta World Peace isn’t the name of some foreign dignitary then it absolutely the name of a man who is destined to appear in the adult film industry. Also, I’m going out on a limb, but I bet he’d win an award for best actor.

5. He’ll lead a cult. I can envision World Peace wearing a long, colorful robe and preaching about how he is the prophet of the God’s earth. I can imagine him moving to a settlement in the middle of nowhere. I can imagine him having this peculiar cult where they farm for a living Also, I can imagine a reporter like Craig Sager donning his ‘84-color suits and going for an exclusive look at life inside the compound.

All in all, I want to thank Metta World Peace for all that he’s done thus far. Also, I think it’s fair to state, he’s a reporter’s dream and we are all eternally grateful for it.

Drew Bledsoe Highlights from WEEI’s Dennis & Callahan Morning Show

Drew Bledsoe joined WEEI's Dennis & Callahan Morning Show on Friday to discuss his career!

By Matt Noonan 

Former New England Patriots quarterback Drew Bledsoe joined WEEI’s Dennis & Callahan on Friday morning to talk about his career. Bledsoe will be honored on Saturday afternoon at Gillette Stadium, as one of the newest members of the Patriots Hall of Fame, along with center Jon Morris. Here are some highlights from the discussion.

* Bledsoe expressed his sincere enjoyment of being a member of the Patriots organization. He didn’t state anything negative, but admitted there were some teams that struggled compared to others, yet one of the finest moments he recalled was a game against the Minnesota Vikings in ’94. Against the “Purple People Eaters,” Bledsoe completed 45-of-70 passes for 426 yards, which helped the Patriots pull out an emotional overtime win.

* He’s certainly pleased about the recent success of the Patriots, as well as his former co-worker, Tom Brady. Although, Bledsoe admitted that he would have loved to have his job back in ’01, but again, he’s happy that his former team remains competitive and continues to be one of the marquee squads to watch every year.

* When asked about his current life in Oregon, Bledsoe commented by saying, he keeps busy doing a variety of things, such as working out, skiing, and spending time with his family. He’s currently involved in the wine business that he, as well as his childhood friend Chris Figgins launched in ’08.

* Throughout his career, Bledsoe sported the number 11 on his chest, which is now worn by wide receiver Julian Edelman. The former quarterback chuckled when asked about Edelman wearing his number, but stated, he’s holding up the legacy.  

* When asked about Tedy Bruschi’s comments toward Patriots wide receiver Chad Ochocino, Bledsoe commented by saying, “When you’re in it, your part of that thing – you don’t sit back and watch it.” Also, he stated Ochocinco shouldn’t be a fan, but instead, a football player.

* Finally, the conversation concluded with the former signal caller expressing his love for the late Myra Kraft, who past away this summer after her long battle with cancer. He said, “That woman was truly a unique person in the world.”

Daily Noontime – September 14, 2011

Finally, Tim Wakefield earned his 200th career win on the mound Tuesday!

Happy “Hump” day to everyone and welcome into yet another awesome edition of the Daily Noontime! Here’s the headlines and news of the day, enjoy! 


* After eight excruciating outings, the Boston Red Sox and their fans watched Tim Wakefield earn his 200th career win on Tuesday against the Toronto Blue Jays.

* The New York Yankees closer, Mariano Rivera celebrated a significant milestone on Tuesday, as he earned his 600th career save against the Seattle Mariners.

* According to a recent report, Manny Ramirez is out of jail, but will be facing “criminal prosecution on charges that he slapped his wife during an argument.”

* Former New England Patriot linebacker Tedy Bruschi was happy to see his team win on Monday against the Miami Dolphins, but also feels that Chad Ochocinco has a lot to improve on.

* Justin Verlander earned his 23rd victory of the season on Tuesday, as well as helped the Detroit Tigers win their 11th game in a row.

* Once again, the NBA Lockout remains at a standstill, as meetings on Tuesday in New York City concluded with no accomplishments or moves.

Games to Watch: 

* Toronto at Boston (MLB) – 1:35pm eastern 

* Philadelphia at Houston (MLB) – 2:05pm eastern 

* Detroit at Chicago White Sox (MLB) – 2:10pm eastern 

* Cleveland at Texas (MLB) – 7:00pm eastern 

Video of the Day: 

In case you missed Tuesday’s celebration, here’s the Red Sox and their fans honoring Wakefield!