Daily Noontime – November 12, 2010

Happy Friday everyone from all of us here at Noontime Sports! Have a great day, awesome weekend and of course, be safe! Here is your Daily Noontime for Friday November 12, 2010.


* Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons earned their seventh victory on the season on Thursday by beating the Baltimore Ravens, 26-21.

* Former Dallas Cowboys head coach Jimmy Johnson has explained the reason the team has failed is because of their owner and general manager, Jerry Jones.

* Minnesota Vikings signal caller/quarterback Brett Favre, told reporters that he will not return for another season in 2011.

* The Boston Celtics won round two against the Miami Heat on Thursday and it certainly doesn’t look good down in South Beach.

* More news has continued to appear about Auburn’s quarterback and Heisman Trophy hopeful, Cam Newton, as well as his father Cecil Newton too.

* The Texas Rangers are interested in acquiring Kansas City Royals ace, Zack Greinke.

* Here are Peter King‘s picks for the week from Sports Illustrated, did he pick your team to win?

* The Boston Red Sox are in hot pursuits of catcher John Buck.

Games to Watch this Weekend:

* Utah at Atlanta (NBA) (Friday) – 7:00pm eastern

* Portland at Oklahoma City (NBA) (Friday) – 9:30pm eastern

* #14 Utah at Notre Dame (NCAA FB) (Saturday) – 2:30pm eastern

* Georgia at #2 Auburn (NCAA FB) (Saturday) – 3:30pm eastern

* Penn State at #9 Ohio State (NCAA FB) (Saturday) 3:30pm eastern

* Ottawa at Boston (NHL) (Saturday) – 7:00pm eastern

* Washington at Buffalo (NHL) (Saturday) – 7:00pm eastern

* #19 Mississippi State at #12 Alabama (NCAA FB) (Saturday) – 7:15pm eastern

* Portland at New Orleans (NBA) (Saturday) – 8:00pm eastern

* New York Jets at Cleveland (NFL) (Sunday) – 1:00pm eastern

* Tennessee at Miami (NFL) (Sunday) – 1:00pm eastern

* Dallas at New York Giants (NFL) (Sunday) – 4:15pm eastern

* New England at Pittsburgh (NFL) (Sunday) – 8:20pm eastern

* Phoenix at LA Lakers (NBA) (Sunday) – 9:30pm eastern

Video of the Day:

Rex Ryan is ready to face his brother, as well as the rest of the Cleveland Browns on Sunday!

Can Jason Garrett improve the Dallas Cowboys?

Is Jason Garrett ready to retool this "talented" Cowboys team?

Wade Phillips has officially left the building, but stepping into his role will be former Dallas Cowboys back up quarterback and offensive coordinator, Jason Garrett. What can Garrett bring to this offense? Will he change the struggling defense? Is he really prepared for this position?

Keep the questions coming because between now and kickoff on Sunday against the New York Giants, the Cowboys will become the new Brett Favre of the media. Every second will be scrutinized. Every play the team runs in practice will be questioned. No one is going to side with owner Jerry Jones and his “fan like decisions.”

This team has gone from desperate to hopeless, but can things possibly change?

Can the Cowboys turn their troubled season around?

Could they be the next coming of the Tennessee Titans from ’09?

What can Garrett do to fix this entire mess?

Here are some ideas!

1.) Focus – Just say this word over and over again. It gets you pumped up and ready to go. The Dallas Cowboys have shown little to no focus all season. Silly turnovers, mental errors and mistakes, as well as not smart fundamental football has plagued this team big time. What Garrett needs to implement right away is a new Cowboys attitude. He needs to get this team back to basics, which was what supposedly what Phillips tried last week before their epic collapse against the Green Bay Packers. If the Cowboys can focus all week by studying film, correcting careless mistakes, practicing much harder than usual, then things can turn around. Don’t expect a major turnaround, such as an eight game winning streak, but something along the lines of focusing more than they did in September and October.

Can Jon Kitna turn the Cowboys offense around?

2.) Pass Protection – Garrett has been scrutinized all season over his play calls, so this time he better get it right because he is now the head coach. With quarterback Tony Romo sidelined and Jon Kitna under center, the Cowboys offensive line needs provide more protection for their gunslinger. Kitna has been rushed out of the pocket, sacked and intercepted multiple times since he stepped onto the Cowboys Stadium turf back in October, but has appeared lost, confused and uncertain at times. If he can get more protection then this so called, “dangerous offense” could actually compete against their remaining opponents.

3.) Run Game – The Cowboys have three great running backs… well … I don’t know if I would use the term “great,” but they could be described that way if their production improved. This offense has been reluctant to run the ball, which has put so much pressure on Kitna to find any open target. If Garrett can return to a balanced offensive attack, it would not only take the load of the aging Kitna, but also, keep his struggling defense off the field. Marion Barber and Felix Jones this season have combined for 513 yards and two touchdowns. Certainly, expectations were much higher for these two backs, but why hasn’t Tashard Choice seen more action? The running game needs to change immediately. The Giants are second against stopping the run, so that could pose for some challenges.

Overall, these are just a few things that need to be adjusted. Of course, the list could go on and on, but if the Cowboys can figure out a way to get back to basics, things might work out with Garrett at the helm.

Daily Noontime – November 9, 2010

Are Cowboys fans ready for Garrett to lead them to victory?

Good day to everyone and welcome to Noontime Sports! It is Tuesday, but this is always a fun day, so go do something awesome and in the meantime, here is our Daily Noontime for November 9, 2010.


* Now that Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has fired Wade Phillips, will interim head coach Jason Garrett be his guy going forward?

* Not only did Phillips seem to have accountability issues, but so did the web guys or gals for the Cowboys website too.

* Auburn quarterback Cam Newton had a few instances of “academic cheating” while enrolled at the University of Florida.

* The Pittsburgh Steelers held off a late rally by the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday, winning by a score of 27-21.

* The New York Yankees are still interested in acquiring pitcher Cliff Lee, but his agent is advising him to take free agency slower than usual.

* Did Baltimore Ravens fullback/running back Le’Ron McClain really spit on Miami Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder on Sunday?

* The University of Colorado’s football team is saying so long and good bye to head coach Dan Hawkins.

Games to Watch:

* Toledo at Northern Illinois (NCAA FB) – 7:00pm eastern

* Utah at Miami (NBA) – 7:30pm eastern

* Vancouver at Montreal (NHL) – 7:30pm eastern

* Washington at New York Rangers (NHL) – 7:30pm eastern

Video of the Day:

The Dallas Cowboys may want to consider signing some of these youngsters who play middle school football. Watch out America, we have some talented young men who can play football!

Wade Phillips Fired from Dallas

So long Wade, Hello Jason!

Forget their 45-7 embarrassing loss on Sunday, as well as their Texas beat down against the Jacksonville Jaguars on Halloween because the Dallas Cowboys have just stirred up some more trouble, they just fired head coach Wade Phillips according to ESPN and ESPNDallas.com.

Owner Jerry Jones has supposedly promoted offensive coordinator and former Cowboys quarterback Jason Garrett to become the next head coach.

Phillips spent three seasons patrolling the Dallas sidelines and decided to initiate a calmer approach to coaching compared to the man he preceded, Bill Parcells. Parcells used mind games and unleashed a unique coaching style, but was unable to lead the ‘Boys to a playoff win.

Phillips has been shown the door before by other organizations across the league and has a coaching record of [82-61].

With Garrett now at the helm, he will inherit a team that has lost five straight. The Cowboys visit the Giants on Sunday, but now the question is what other changes will Jones make before kickoff.

What is going on in Dallas? Thoughts on the Cowboys

The Cowboys season has been turned upside down and has gotten worse.


What is worse, listening to Alvin and the Chipmunks singing Daniel Powter’s “Bad Day” on repeat or watching the Dallas Cowboys?

My answer as of Monday, November 8, 2010 …  watching the Dallas Cowboys!

They have been awful!

They have looked horrendous!

They have looked like a bunch of scrubs that don’t know how to play football!

Overall…they look so bad!

So what do you do if you are owner Jerry Jones? Do you fire your head coach Wade Phillips? Do you acquire a new quarterback? Do you fire all of your offensive and defensive coordinators? What exactly do you do?

The answer is obviously unknown, but I personally believe as a Cowboys fan, getting a win wouldn’t be a bad start or thing to add to their “to do list.”

Just one win could maybe allow Jones, Phillips and the rest of the Cowboys organization the chance to stop holding their breath and breathe for once this fall.

When the Cowboys began their season in Washington, there were almost too many red versus yellow flags that were thrown on the field. They made multiple mistakes and didn’t look like a possible Super Bowl contender. No team in week one is going to be impressive, but for Jones to say back in July and August that his team would play a home Super Bowl game was completely inappropriate.

The Cowboys have too many issues to deal with currently, but where do you start?

Namath said his team would win the Super Bowl and they did in Super Bowl III.

Most likely, the blame has to fall on Jones himself for pulling a Joe Namath and guaranteeing a home Super Bowl. Excuse me Jerry, but that has never happened in the history of the NFL, so never say anything like that again

Just because a team may appear “jacked up” on paper or extremely talented, shouldn’t mean that they are headed to the podium to claim another Lombardi trophy.

It is easy to say that the Cowboys have failed their expectations and are possibly counting down the days until the end of the 2010 season. Yet with a record of [1-7] they are currently tied for the worst record in the NFC with the Carolina Panthers and are on track to finish [1-15]. The last time the Cowboys finished their season with only one win was during Troy Aikman’s rookie season in 1989.

So with these various thoughts, what exactly should Jones, Phillips and the rest of the Cowboys organization do? Should they throw in the towel? Concede every remaining game or try to salvage their remaining eight games?

My answer, play for pride and try to win at least one or two more games before the year 2010 comes to a close.

Daily Noontime – November 8, 2010

What do you do now Jerry? The Cowboys are 1-7 and in trouble!

Good morning and welcome to Noontime Sports! We are officially NoontimeSports.com now, so spread the word. Here is our Daily Noontime for Monday November 8, 2010, have an awesome day!


* Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has seen enough and seems prepared to start executing some new plans for his team.

* Is it time to fire Wade Phillips the Dallas Cowboys head coach? Should Jones leave now?

* Brett Favre showed off some of his usual “magic” in defeating the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, 27-24.

* Cleveland Browns running back Peyton Hillis steamrolled over the New England Patriots defense and helped his team earn another victory on Sunday.

* Allen Iverson has officially landed in Turkey and will begin a new chapter in his basketball career.

* The Edmonton Oilers had a terrible record last season, but this year, they are looking good and did you know that they beat the defending Stanley Cup champs in Chicago?

* New York Yankees catcher Jorge Posada has admitted that resigning Derek Jeter is more important than acquiring Texas Rangers pitcher Cliff Lee.

* The Los Angles improve to a perfect 7-0 and Pau Gasol was a major reason for the team’s success.

Games to Watch:

* Atlanta at Orlando (NBA) – 7:00pm eastern

* Phoenix at Detroit (NHL) – 7:30pm eastern

* Pittsburgh at Cincinnati (NFL) – 8:30pm eastern

* Boston at Dallas (NBA) – 8:30pm eastern

Video of the Day:

How about some “hair” talk between Tom Brady, Randy Moss and Justin Bieber? How does that sound?

Daily Noontime – November 1, 2010

Welcome to a brand new month on Noontime Sports! It is Monday November 1, 2010 and it is time to start off the day with our Daily Noontime! Have a fantastic morning, afternoon and evening.


* The New England Patriots earned their sixth victory of the season on Sunday, as they beat the Minnesota Vikings, 28-18.

* Vikings quarterback Brett Favre suffered another injury against the Patriots, but now the question is what does head coach Brad Childress do now?

* Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones is dumbfounded following his teams sixth loss of the season Sunday and has seemed to admit defeat.

* If you still are thinking about Halloween, check this article out about the New Orleans Saints fans.

* Boston Celtics guard Rajon Rondo has decided to forgo wearing a headband this season thus far.

* The San Francisco Giants are one game away from earning their first World Series victory in the Bay Area.

* Auburn and Oregon have swapped spots in the BCS standings following another exciting weekend of college football.

* LeBron James has admitted that if he were to have done his decision process again, it would have been different from the one he did this past summer.

Games to Watch:

* Chicago at New York Rangers (NHL) – 7:00pm eastern

* San Francisco at Texas (MLB – World Series) – 7:57pm eastern

* Portland at Chicago (NBA) – 8:00pm eastern

* Houston at Indianapolis (NFL) – 8:30pm eastern

Video of the Day:

Will Ferrell spoke with ESPN reporter, Erin Andrews on the set of College Game Day on Saturday to discuss his picks for the day.

Daily Noontime – October 20, 2010

The Texas Rangers are one win away from the World Series!

Happy “Hump Day” has they say when Wednesday rolls around. It is officially the middle of the week, which means the weekend is slowly upon us, so get excited. In the meantime, here is our Daily Noontime for October 20, 2010.


* The Texas Rangers hold a commanding 3-1 lead in the American League Championship Series and have a chance to send the New York Yankees packing on Wednesday.

* The New York Yankees, despite being down, three games to one, will have “rally without injured (Mark) Teixeira.”

* The San Francisco Giants hold a 2-1 lead over the Philadelphia Phillies, following a Matt Cain pitching performance.

* Want a picture of Pittsburgh Steelers James Harrison and his violent head-to-head hit? Well guess what, you certain can get one!

* Oddsmakers are already jumping ship from the Dallas Cowboys, but owner Jerry Jones still believes in his teams chances to make the playoffs.

* The NBA has banned a certain pair of shoes that could make players jump way too high.

* Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee was arrested on Tuesday. He was “reportedly took a predawn swim in a canal in a nightlife district.”

* Boston Celtics head coach Doc Rivers is cancer free following his biopsy on Sunday.

Games to Watch:

* Texas at New York Yankees (MLB Playoffs) – 4:07pm eastern

* Buffalo at Atlanta (NHL) – 7:00pm eastern

* Philadelphia at San Francisco (MLB Playoffs) – 7:57pm eastern

Video of the Day:

Was this actually a home run or fan interference? You decide!

Time to Panic? Why the Cowboys can turn their 0-2 record around!

While Jerry Jones maybe smiling here, deep down, he is worried about his Cowboys!

At this time last season, who would have known that the Dallas Cowboys were going to be one of eight teams remaining in the 2009 season?

Yet, after Sunday’s performance against the Chicago Bears, the Boys have forced their fans into panic mode. Although, knowing that the season has just begun, here are a few things that need to happen in order to start their winning ways again, but also to keep Jerry Jones, the owner, happy.

1.) The Defense – The Cowboys have a “doomsday” defense, which can provide pressure to opposing team’s quarterbacks, running backs and receivers when necessary. Although, where has that pressure been? Why haven’t they attacked the quarterback? Also, why hasn’t Wade Phillips, not allowed his defense to be more physical? Didn’t San Francisco 49ers head coach Mike Singletary make it clear in one of his many press conferences that all NFL athletes need to hit their opponents extremely hard and often?

Their defense ranks 19th in points permitted and 11th in yards allowed, which is 279 yards per game. Although fans should know that two sacks thus far belong to both DeMarcus Ware and Anthony Spencer.

This defense last season provided a great deal of physical pain and pressure to their opponents early and often, especially when they derailed the New Orleans Saints undefeated season last November. When playing against the AFC South, such as the Houston Texans and Indianapolis Colts, they need to provide more pressure and energy. They need to appear alert and ready to play too. Also, the Cowboys defense needs to play mentally smart because against the Bears, they looked extremely lost and unsure of their assignments.

2.) Tony Romo – After a record breaking and impressive ’09 campaign, Romo has started the 2010 season with 2 touchdown tosses and interceptions. Although, throwing the ball for close to 700 yards is rather impressive, especially since it is still week two, but in order to start up this offense, especially a very talented one, it all starts with QB-9.

Romo was out of sync on Sunday, especially in an end around pass that was directed toward running back Tashard Choice. Not only did his passes not seem energized, but also his vision appeared rather weak. He was not hitting his receivers in stride and did not come across as the true leader that he usually is on Sunday’s.

If the offense is to turn around, it again starts with Mr. Romo. More film sessions, repetitions in practice and communication with his offensive line, receivers, tight ends and running backs will help the Cowboys start producing more points.

Jason Garrett, Wade Phillips and the rest of the Cowboys coaches need to get on the same page.

3.) Coaching – The coaching has been incredibly sloppy and not good at all. Head coach Wade Phillips has not been too impressive and doesn’t seem in sync with his various coordinators. What has happened with his relationship with the man who calls all the offensive plays, Jason Garrett?

The coaches need to get back on track. Even FOX Sports broadcaster, Joe Buck alluded to how throughout the entire training camp and preseason, the Cowboys kept saying, wait until every player is healthy. Well, despite a few bumps and bruises, this coaching staff needs to utilize the younger and stronger talent to the extreme. Keep drawing up plays that will confuse their opponents, as well as pressure the ball.

If the coaching staff can start working together, wouldn’t the team do it too?

4.) Kicking and Special Teams – This has been the weakest unit for the Cowboys. Not only has the place kicker David Buehler looked completely lost, especially after he missed a game tying field goal on Sunday, but also the entire special teams squad.

Similar to the defense, their leaders needs to pick up, but the only positive note from this group is punter Mat McBriar, who has done a fantastic job with setting up poor field position for the other team.

5.) Penalties – The biggest issue of them all is penalties!

So far this season the Cowboys have hurt their chances to win not only one, but possibly two games by calls against them, especially on offense. Whether it is roughing the passer or holding, the Cowboys need to be more attentive and realize that by seeing yellow laundry on the field is not a good sign. They need to correct their mistakes fast and play smart fundamental football.

Again, these are just a few pointers for all Cowboys fans. The season is still young and there is plenty of time left. Do not panic Dallas, the Cowboys can surely turn it around and it all starts against the 2-0 Houston Texans on Sunday September 26, 20

Added Pressure for Romo and 2009 Dallas Cowboys

Romo knows he has a lot of pressure to succeed in 2009!

Romo knows he has a lot of pressure to succeed in 2009!

There is no doubt about what this season means to the Dallas Cowboys, especially quarterback Tony Romo. This is the time where they need to show America that it truly was Terrell Owens who derailed them in December and in their last two-playoff appearances during the 2006 and 2007 season.

Everyone believed last year the Cowboys were poised for a successful playoff run with the acquisitions of two talented young rookie running backs, (Felix Jones and Tashard Choice), a former Tennessee Tighten shut down cornerback (Adam “Pacman” Jones) and offensive lineman (Leonard Davis). Between the key additions and members of the 2007 team that were just a touchdown away from hosting their first NFC Championship game since 1995, 2008 was a let down, especially when Romo was sidelined for three games with a broken pinky finger.

Tested veteran and back-up quarterback Brad Johnson was horrendous for the Cowboys, only leading the squad to one win against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during Romo’s absence. Chaos erupted in the locker-room and onto the practice field, which allowed Cowboys fans to realize this team was not the true definition of a perfect squad, but just a bunch of talented players who could not get along.

More issues arose toward the end of the season between Romo, Jason Witten, and Terrell Owens that maneuvered the Cowboys to go from being a playoff contender to the biggest busts. Of course Dallas experienced another December meltdown, which included just one win and truly an embarrassing defeat in Philadelphia. Once the horn sounded at Lincoln Financial Field, the Cowboys walked off knowing yet again, they let their chances of making a run for their sixth Super Bowl in franchise history come to an end way too early.

Now that the 2008 season has been over for nearly five months and it is time for Romo and the Cowboys to start focusing on the task at hand, winning and winning a playoff game… NOW! So far this off-season numerous NFL analysts have called out Romo by saying he just is not that good. Even New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs made a similar statement on the radio this past week about him too, saying he is really not as good as people think he may actually be at times. Maybe he is not that good, it is quite possible.

When you suit up for America’s team every Sunday there is just a little bit of added pressure to win, just in case you did not know that Tony! Great Cowboys legends such as Don Meredith, Captain Comeback Roger Staubach, and Troy Aikman all knew that their performance on the field was incredibly important to their team’s success. I am not saying that these former Cowboy greats did not receive the same amount of scrutiny that Romo has in the past three seasons, but it just means that once you are a member of the Dallas Cowboys, the pressure is a little higher to succeed than lets say, oh I do not know… how about in Seattle or Detroit. It is quite easy to believe that when you are the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys the pressure to win is huge. You are in the spotlight and the name that is constantly tossed around the media and workplace.

Now that training camp is just weeks away, everyone will be watching the Cowboys closely, as if they are an eighth grade science experiment under a microscope. Every move, comment, ball dropped will be noted not just in the Dallas newspapers, but also around the United States of America. Tony Romo knows the task at hand, win, win, and win some more. I’m sure he appreciates owner Jerry Jones telling the media that he is their guy for the future, but deep down Jerry is just like all of us, wanting to see who exactly was the problem, Tony or Terrell? Right now, I say Terrell, but once the season begins, it may indeed be Mr. Romo.