What Happened to Team LeBron?


The Magic are just the better team... PERIOD!!

The Magic are just the better team... PERIOD!!

What has happened to the squad that everyone thought would destroy the Orlando Magic? Remember when all the analysts brainwashed and hypnotized you into thinking that the 2008-2009 Cleveland Cavaliers were the best team in basketball and were going to destroy their opponent for the third straight time this post-season? I certainly do and even admitted it on a local access television show too! Yet, I think following last nights Game 4 in Disney World, we, the United States of America have come to an understanding that the Cavs are who we all thought they were, a team that should be nicknamed, Team LeBron or Inconsistent Ballers from Ohio. Yet this squad has flaws and what is the answer to why they are staring at defeat and possibly one game remaining this season… the answer is their DEFENSE!!!

The Cavs defense has been horrific and cannot stop the Orlando Magic from shooting the outside “J”. They had a career high 17 three pointers last game against LeBron and his crew, which says to me that the Cavs are tired from sweeping both the Hawks and Pistons, plus have been un-challenged since KG was shut down for the Celts back in February. The Magic have the momentum and have really been a surprise to many this post-season, so I am thinking this might indeed be the team that represents the East in the NBA Finals.

Should the Cavs win game 5 I am still going to say that they will still lose this series. Who cares about LeBron’s 44 point performance last night. He is not MJ nor will ever be in that category. Simply LeBron cannot win this series on his own and hopefully we have also realized now that he is cramping up from carrying hundreds of pounds of useless teammates on his back. It’s all over Cleveland, your NBA season is about to go up in smoke. A year that should have been yours is going to be history. Sorry Cleveland, I know that this might be some of the exciting days your city has had since Jim Brown wore a Browns jersey or when Ohio State’s Jesse Owens won four gold medals at the Olympics in 1936, but at least you can now focus your attention on those Indians, right?

Sick and Tired of the Brett Favre Frenzy!


(Brett Favre maybe playing football longer than we want him too! Image provided by Google.)

How many of us are sick and tired of hearing that Brett Favre is retired, when really he is just continuing to cause media craziness. Can the sports media world calm down when it comes to this man? I swear that all reporters and journalists love writing each day about how Favre used a spoon instead of a fork or that he is having secret meetings with Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress. Enough already! Can we please stop! I mean it!

If you have not gotten my gist, I am seriously tired and annoyed with all this Favre news constantly. Mr. Favre, please do us all a favor and retire for good! Who knows how healthy your bicep will be or if you can continue to be the gunslinger that you once were in Green Bay.  Also, can we just move on from this guy because who really knows if he wants to play football again? Besides if he does, he will quit on the team that signs him just like he did with the New York Jets.


Not a Typical Ending


(This was my reaction too last night! Image from Google)

Last night was not your cherry on top of a Ben and Jerry’s sundae or an extra piece of pie at Thanksgiving dinner. Last night Boston went to sleep crying, tears on their pillow, hearts pounding slower than ever. Last night Bostonians and fans of our beloved Bruins, Celtics, and Red Sox all over the world were demoralized, disgusted, angered, frustrated, and hurt. Last night was not your storybook ending that would be drawn out in a Walt Disney movie, but it was instead, a night that I hope we will all never have to encounter anytime soon.

As a Boston Sports fan, I will admit that we have been quite lucky this decade. We have seen the New England Patriots win 3 Super Bowls and be crowned the modern dynasty of the NFL. We have seen the Boston Red Sox snap an 86-year old curse, as well as win another World Series in 2007. Lastly, we have seen the Boston Celtics, a team that our mothers and fathers recall as just one of the best franchises in sports, end their 22-year drought by beating their rival the Los Angles Lakers and raising banner 17 to the rafters. We have been spoiled, lucky, and just been able to relive the greatest moments of Boston Sports history over the past eight years, but last night was somewhat of a shocker that just makes us irritated about our beloved hometown teams.

When the Red Sox lost, I knew that was bad luck.  When David Ortiz told the media “he stinks,” I knew that was not what we should be hearing. When the Celtics kept constantly turning the ball over in the final minutes of the fourth quarter, I knew this was not what Doc Rivers drew up during their final time-out. Finally, when Scott Walker pushed the puck past Tim Thomas in overtime, I knew my night had officially been ruined.

This was not what I had hoped or expected, but it just shows that being a Boston Sports fan you need to be ready for anything and know that sometimes we cannot win every contest.

Paulus Should Not Play Football for Syracuse


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How would you react if your son or daughter phoned you on after their last test of the spring semester and exclaimed they were transferring schools? Certainly my parents would flip out and consider transferring for my senior year next fall would absolutely be the wrong choice. Shucks, so much for attempting to try out for the Texas Long Horns football team!           

Then there is the question of what would you say if you were the parents of Duke Blue Devils point guard, Greg Paulus, who has officially announced today he will attend Syracuse University next fall, as well as attempt to earn the starting quarterback role for their squad? Might you feel a tad bit concerned? Who knows exactly what is going through the minds of Mr. and Mrs. Paulus at the particular moment, but for a sports fan like myself and a Duke basketball one too, I am not a fan of Greg’s decision to try to play football for Syracuse.

Earlier this morning Greg appeared on ESPN’s First Take to discuss with Jay Crawford how this decision was made when he expressed, “My gut just told me there are a lot of good opportunities at Syracuse.” Well there are certainly a lot of good opportunities at Duke too, which was something hopefully Paulus learned over his last four years. Apparently it just feels that football is what he is passionate about and wants to leave his blue Nikes remaining on Tobacco road before driving North to Syracuse. Paulus was not redshirted when he showed up in Durham, North Carolina in August of 2005 and would be allowed by NCAA standards to play one more year of college athletics. Already a graduate of Duke, as of last weekend, Paulus will attempt to continue his education in earning a degree in communication.

During his college process, Paulus was approached by various top notched football schools according to FOX Sports that would have allowed him to play both football and basketball at the Division I level, yet would he have gotten any homework done? Probably not, which I guess is okay, but certainly that would have made plenty of sports nuts and I jealous! Paulus also added, “I know there might be some questions and concerns, but I am going to prepare and do the best that I can and let the dice roll the way it comes out.”           

With this being the case it is finally time for me to add my two remaining cents about this story, which is that I believe Greg should have just finished his career with the Blue Devils. Even though Paulus did not see too much action this past winter, he was one of Coach K’s leaders and will surely be missed. Duke Athletics posted today the following about Paulus’s success:

As a member of the Blue Devils’ basketball team, Paulus played in 139 career games and is one of only 20 players to start in 100 contests at Duke. He is also one of 59 Duke players to score over 1,000 career points, ranking 41st all-time with 1,193 career points. Paulus finished his career ranked among the all-time Duke leaders in three-point field goals (8th, 210), three-point field goal attempts (9th, 527), three-point field goal percentage (T-6th, .398), assists (9th, 468) and steals (14th, 172) (http://www.goduke.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=4200&ATCLID=3738008)

So Greg, best of luck. I hope you eventually regret this decision because there is no guarantee that Syracuse will allow you to start as their quarterback and that the fans will accept you as a football player for their squad, not a former foe.

* Quotes for blog were from ESPN First Take on May 14, 2009.