Not a Typical Ending


(This was my reaction too last night! Image from Google)

Last night was not your cherry on top of a Ben and Jerry’s sundae or an extra piece of pie at Thanksgiving dinner. Last night Boston went to sleep crying, tears on their pillow, hearts pounding slower than ever. Last night Bostonians and fans of our beloved Bruins, Celtics, and Red Sox all over the world were demoralized, disgusted, angered, frustrated, and hurt. Last night was not your storybook ending that would be drawn out in a Walt Disney movie, but it was instead, a night that I hope we will all never have to encounter anytime soon.

As a Boston Sports fan, I will admit that we have been quite lucky this decade. We have seen the New England Patriots win 3 Super Bowls and be crowned the modern dynasty of the NFL. We have seen the Boston Red Sox snap an 86-year old curse, as well as win another World Series in 2007. Lastly, we have seen the Boston Celtics, a team that our mothers and fathers recall as just one of the best franchises in sports, end their 22-year drought by beating their rival the Los Angles Lakers and raising banner 17 to the rafters. We have been spoiled, lucky, and just been able to relive the greatest moments of Boston Sports history over the past eight years, but last night was somewhat of a shocker that just makes us irritated about our beloved hometown teams.

When the Red Sox lost, I knew that was bad luck.  When David Ortiz told the media “he stinks,” I knew that was not what we should be hearing. When the Celtics kept constantly turning the ball over in the final minutes of the fourth quarter, I knew this was not what Doc Rivers drew up during their final time-out. Finally, when Scott Walker pushed the puck past Tim Thomas in overtime, I knew my night had officially been ruined.

This was not what I had hoped or expected, but it just shows that being a Boston Sports fan you need to be ready for anything and know that sometimes we cannot win every contest.

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