Sick and Tired of the Brett Favre Frenzy!


(Brett Favre maybe playing football longer than we want him too! Image provided by Google.)

How many of us are sick and tired of hearing that Brett Favre is retired, when really he is just continuing to cause media craziness. Can the sports media world calm down when it comes to this man? I swear that all reporters and journalists love writing each day about how Favre used a spoon instead of a fork or that he is having secret meetings with Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress. Enough already! Can we please stop! I mean it!

If you have not gotten my gist, I am seriously tired and annoyed with all this Favre news constantly. Mr. Favre, please do us all a favor and retire for good! Who knows how healthy your bicep will be or if you can continue to be the gunslinger that you once were in Green Bay.  Also, can we just move on from this guy because who really knows if he wants to play football again? Besides if he does, he will quit on the team that signs him just like he did with the New York Jets.


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