What Happened to Team LeBron?


The Magic are just the better team... PERIOD!!
The Magic are just the better team... PERIOD!!

What has happened to the squad that everyone thought would destroy the Orlando Magic? Remember when all the analysts brainwashed and hypnotized you into thinking that the 2008-2009 Cleveland Cavaliers were the best team in basketball and were going to destroy their opponent for the third straight time this post-season? I certainly do and even admitted it on a local access television show too! Yet, I think following last nights Game 4 in Disney World, we, the United States of America have come to an understanding that the Cavs are who we all thought they were, a team that should be nicknamed, Team LeBron or Inconsistent Ballers from Ohio. Yet this squad has flaws and what is the answer to why they are staring at defeat and possibly one game remaining this season… the answer is their DEFENSE!!!

The Cavs defense has been horrific and cannot stop the Orlando Magic from shooting the outside “J”. They had a career high 17 three pointers last game against LeBron and his crew, which says to me that the Cavs are tired from sweeping both the Hawks and Pistons, plus have been un-challenged since KG was shut down for the Celts back in February. The Magic have the momentum and have really been a surprise to many this post-season, so I am thinking this might indeed be the team that represents the East in the NBA Finals.

Should the Cavs win game 5 I am still going to say that they will still lose this series. Who cares about LeBron’s 44 point performance last night. He is not MJ nor will ever be in that category. Simply LeBron cannot win this series on his own and hopefully we have also realized now that he is cramping up from carrying hundreds of pounds of useless teammates on his back. It’s all over Cleveland, your NBA season is about to go up in smoke. A year that should have been yours is going to be history. Sorry Cleveland, I know that this might be some of the exciting days your city has had since Jim Brown wore a Browns jersey or when Ohio State’s Jesse Owens won four gold medals at the Olympics in 1936, but at least you can now focus your attention on those Indians, right?

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