Time to Tip Our Caps to an Ace

Wakefield has been solid for the Sox in 2009

Wakefield has been solid for the Sox in 2009

What can’t you say about Tim Wakefield this season? He has been solid, strong, and a pitcher that you can literally mark down a win every time he marches out to the bump. Currently Wakefield is the sole Red Sox leader with 10 wins, but clearly he has been a hero this season.

In April when Dice-K fell apart, Wakefield was there to the rescue. When the Sox took on Cliff Lee and the Cleveland Indians, Wakefield remained focused and shut down the Tribe. How about when those pesky Yankees came to town earlier this month? Wakefield was our man who bailed us out.

All in all, Wakefield who just completed his 382nd start, which ties Roger Clemens’s starts for the Sox has been spectacular this season and clearly an unidentified Ace. It’s true…I mean it! Of course Josh Beckett and Jon Lester are slowly taking form at the right time, but in the end, lets tip our caps to a man who has been sensational all year and will keep this up following the All-Star break, Mr. Tim Wakefield.

Ryan Provides Early Excitement for AFC East

Rex Ryan is not afraid to run his mouth!

Rex Ryan is not afraid to run his mouth!

Yes it is the middle of June and now that the NHL and NBA Finals are complete, we should turn our attention to baseball right? Wrong! This is prime football time and certainly the month where plenty of trash talking, my team is better than yours, and swagger is necessarily urged to get out before training camp’s begin. Yet one of the bigger stories over the past couple of weeks has been revolving around the New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan’s countless comment’s toward various members of the AFC East, which includes Bill Belichick and Channing Crowder. Is this all in good fun or is he just pouring fuel on the fire?

Ryan has expressed countless times that he loves his job and will enjoy every second being around the game, but as much as it may seem strange, wacky, or uncommon regarding his recent actions, we need something like this to get us extremely enthusiastic about the upcoming NFL season. Who didn’t enjoy the article Sports Illustrated ran during the summer in 2006 when Terrell Owens exclaimed he was counting the days until the Cowboys strolled into Lincoln Financial Field? How much have Patriots fans enjoyed this year’s OTA drama surrounding Vince Wilfork’s contract? Finally, how annoying has it been to hear daily updates about whether Brett Favre will stay retired? You get my point? We need these silly stories leaked to us by the media to get us excited and eager for baseball season to go away and football season to stay!

The Jets will face off against the Patriots and Dolphins for a total of four games this season and if we have all learned one thing over the past few decades, make sure you can back up what you say to the media. Sure it has been nearly 40-years since Namath’s guarantee of winning Super Bowl III, but I do not know if Ryan would want to kiss Belichick’s Super Bowl ring’s after losing in Giants or Gillette Stadium this fall. I am sure he won’t want to shake hands with Mr. Crowder after losing to the Dolphins in sunny Florida either. Yet, no matter what Rex Ryan is doing all of us non-enthusiastic baseball fans a favor by turning our attention to him, instead of our local nine’s coverage in the paper.

Overall I am fine with Ryan talking as much as he feels it is necessary. Besides he is a coach who has to answer questions regarding his team, himself, and how he feels today about oh who knows… Tom Brady or Jason Taylor. His comments mean nothing right now and with just about two months to go before pre-season football, I am sure all eyes will be on this New York Jets team that is claimed to have the best defense, according to father and former Houston Oilers coach, Buddy Ryan.

As Patriots or Dolphins fans, just enjoy this nonsense now because come September Rex Ryan will wish he had never opened his mouth about his opponents in June.

Shaq and LeBron Together?

Match Maker... Help LeBron James... Please!!!

Match Maker... Help LeBron James... Please!!!

I presume that some of you have heard the news that LeBron James maybe getting some help for the 2009-2010 season. Who will be joining the King in Cleveland you ask? The answer… Shaq! Could you imagine how excited James would be if this dream does come true? Super… Super… Super… Happy! I had to capitalize all three “S’s” because that is truly how excited and crazy James would be, but it is  not certain yet. Various news sources have broke the story that Cleveland and Phoenix are in the midsts of possible trade talks, so hold your horses fans, this deal will not get the green light yet or anytime too soon.

In some ways I feel this maybe what LeBron needs to get his team a championship banner. Having Shaq will take a majority of the pressure off the King and allow him to rely  not just on himself, but his teammates too. If Shaq suits up for Cleveland next October, how can you not pick them as a favorite in the Eastern Conference?

Thoughts on Big Papi

David Ortiz struggled last night against the Yankees, but can he turn his season around?

David Ortiz struggled last night against the Yankees, but can he turn his season around?

I was at the Sox game last night and I did indeed cheer for David Ortiz, but scowled when I saw highlights of Dice-K flashing before my eyes. In my own opinion, watching both of these players reminded me of a recent post on Tuesday where I bashed the heck out of each of them. Although today, I would strictly like to focus on David Ortiz.

I would like to apologize to David Ortiz whose eyes seem to be working fine these days, but last night when he sent one flying toward the corner, which for those non-Fenway Park visitors is between Center and Right field, I literally thought I was going to be witness to Ortiz’s turnaround. Sadly, the ball landed in a Yankee glove, which resulted in Ortiz dropping his head and putting one foot in front of the other on his way toward the Sox dugout. To be honest, Ortiz is trying… seriously, he really is… I mean it!

As much as I am frustrated, irritated, and disgusted of seeing his number dip day after day, I can say that from watching Ortiz against the Sox most hated rival, the New York Yankees, I will slowly back off this man, but not totally. I am and have always been a fan of Ortiz, but feel as a Sox fan I do have the right to get annoyed. Sure I want to see him hit a homerun every at bat, but theoretically that is not possible, or is it? I have always been a fan of this man for everything he has done for this squad, but lately he has just been awful, really awful!

Will I admit to saying that Ortiz has angered me over the past couple of days? Absolutely! He certainly has indeed angered me. I have told friends, family, co-workers, and anyone I pass throughout my day about being upset with him, but it does not mean that I will not route for him.

David, just do what Ted Williams did back in his playing days, take a whole lot of batting practice and show some confidence. Hopefully by the All-Star break you will have at least 6 homeruns!

Enough with Dice-K and Big Papi!

Dice-K is 1-4 in 2009.

Dice-K is 1-4 in 2009.

I need to come out and say it. Dice-K and David please ask for a trade or buy out your contract as soon as possible! I mean it! Please guys, just do this for our wonderful city. For all those beloved Boston Red Sox fans that just cannot stand watching you on television, hearing your name on the radio, or reading your stat line in the Boston Globe. Enough gents, please just leave!

Dice-K, I really wonder if you enjoy pitching for the Sox, I really do. Is it the mound shaped differently in America? Are your cleats not as comfortable as they were three years ago in Japan? Are the members of the working press asking you tough questions? Getting enough sleep at night?

David… David, David, David, (Wow, I am sounding like Jan Brady here), so you go to get your eyes checked, have Tito rotate your throughout the line up, and only have two homeruns so far? What is wrong with you?

As you can tell, I am sick and tired of watching both of these Red Sox players and well… will just have flip the channel whenever I see either of these players in action!

I will be at the game tomorrow evening and thankfully will be home for bed on time because Dice-K won’t be pitching and hopefully Ortiz won’t be hitting!