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Living Legend! Seriously!
Living Legend! Seriously! Good to have Tom Brady back on the Field!

 Yes, Yes, Yes…. I know it is June. I know it is indeed the true beginning of the Summer, but how can I not get excited about the upcoming NFL season? Anyone in disagreement? Come on! I love the NFL and just felt that I wanted to add my two cents toward a few ideas I have been thinking about these past couple of days. 

Tom Brady’s Ready to Go: How can you not be excited and pumped up about one of the best quarterbacks who has ever played the game returning to the practice field last week. With it only being June, Brady’s optimistic approach has influenced many New Englanders and Bostonian’s, including myself, to get ready to watch our beloved Patriots go after their fourth Super Bowl trophy. Following the end of quite an exciting season last year, which resulted in some bizarre events, the Pats are due for an exciting season come September, but they need to protect Tommy on every snap. Besides, if Tommy goes down within the first six minutes of a new season, you know everyone will be holding their breaths and then turning their attention to a slumping David Ortiz, which seems to be the most enjoyable thing to discuss these days. All in all, I am psyched and ready to see number 12 run out through the blown up helmet and lead us to another championship! 

Jay Cutler and the Denver Broncos QB saga: There was an interesting headline I heard about regarding how a former NFL coach is a bit concerned about Jay Cutler playing for the Chicago Bears this season. I would too, especially after the temper tantrum he had in Denver between February and March. What if Cutler decides at the last minute during training camp that he was wrong to have asked for a trade? We know we have found our new and a younger Terrell Owens, (T.O.), so I am going to be enjoying the next few months watching what this young quarterback does indeed do.

In regards to the Denver Broncos, well I personally feel they got rid of a problem, but acquired two quarterbacks that have a lot to prove between Kyle Orton and Chris Simms. Neither quarterback in my mind has the potential to become a star because both of these guys are really second or third string players. Yet, if I can take a second string quarterback in Madden 2006 on Gamecube and make them into a stud, I bet coach McDaniels can too! Besides the Broncos have a much better receiving core compared to the Bears. 

Hall of Fame Bound? Indeed: Yesterday the NFL said so long to a well respected defensive safety, Rodney Harrison. He in my mind will be remembered for winning two Super Bowls in a New England Patriot uniform, as well as being the hard hitter he was always regarded as around the league. He is a sure qualified hall of fame player, so please do not doubt me on this feeling, he will be wearing a dark yellow jacket very soon.

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