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David Ortiz struggled last night against the Yankees, but can he turn his season around?
David Ortiz struggled last night against the Yankees, but can he turn his season around?

I was at the Sox game last night and I did indeed cheer for David Ortiz, but scowled when I saw highlights of Dice-K flashing before my eyes. In my own opinion, watching both of these players reminded me of a recent post on Tuesday where I bashed the heck out of each of them. Although today, I would strictly like to focus on David Ortiz.

I would like to apologize to David Ortiz whose eyes seem to be working fine these days, but last night when he sent one flying toward the corner, which for those non-Fenway Park visitors is between Center and Right field, I literally thought I was going to be witness to Ortiz’s turnaround. Sadly, the ball landed in a Yankee glove, which resulted in Ortiz dropping his head and putting one foot in front of the other on his way toward the Sox dugout. To be honest, Ortiz is trying… seriously, he really is… I mean it!

As much as I am frustrated, irritated, and disgusted of seeing his number dip day after day, I can say that from watching Ortiz against the Sox most hated rival, the New York Yankees, I will slowly back off this man, but not totally. I am and have always been a fan of Ortiz, but feel as a Sox fan I do have the right to get annoyed. Sure I want to see him hit a homerun every at bat, but theoretically that is not possible, or is it? I have always been a fan of this man for everything he has done for this squad, but lately he has just been awful, really awful!

Will I admit to saying that Ortiz has angered me over the past couple of days? Absolutely! He certainly has indeed angered me. I have told friends, family, co-workers, and anyone I pass throughout my day about being upset with him, but it does not mean that I will not route for him.

David, just do what Ted Williams did back in his playing days, take a whole lot of batting practice and show some confidence. Hopefully by the All-Star break you will have at least 6 homeruns!

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  1. First of all I like the blog. But Ortiz will never be Teddy Ballgame. Nobody will. And secondly, when you see Ortiz struggling, you have to remember 2004. We would not have beaten the Yankees in the ALCS if it wasn’t for Ortiz’ big bat. And Manny may have won World Series MVP, but Ortiz clocked a 3-run homer in game 1 of that series, which I consider to be the most crucial game. That sent the Sox on the warpath. Remember, the final score of that game was 11-9. Without Papi’s dinger, the Sox lose that game and who knows about the series. Papi will always be a Red Sox hero to me. It sucks to see him so low, but you have to remember what he gave us. None of that gets washed away with a bad season.

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