Shaq and LeBron Together?

Match Maker... Help LeBron James... Please!!!
Match Maker... Help LeBron James... Please!!!

I presume that some of you have heard the news that LeBron James maybe getting some help for the 2009-2010 season. Who will be joining the King in Cleveland you ask? The answer… Shaq! Could you imagine how excited James would be if this dream does come true? Super… Super… Super… Happy! I had to capitalize all three “S’s” because that is truly how excited and crazy James would be, but it is  not certain yet. Various news sources have broke the story that Cleveland and Phoenix are in the midsts of possible trade talks, so hold your horses fans, this deal will not get the green light yet or anytime too soon.

In some ways I feel this maybe what LeBron needs to get his team a championship banner. Having Shaq will take a majority of the pressure off the King and allow him to rely  not just on himself, but his teammates too. If Shaq suits up for Cleveland next October, how can you not pick them as a favorite in the Eastern Conference?

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  1. If Shaq goes to Cleveland and the Cav’s keep Mo Willy, you can chalk up a Finals Trophy. But that would just give creedence to the theory that you can’t win without a big dude like the Diesel. D-Wade won with Shaq, Kobe won 3 times with Shaq and is about to with Odom. The C’s won it with KG and couldn’t win without him. I hope this doesn’t happen, because the Cav’s might win 75 games.

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