Time to Tip Our Caps to an Ace

Wakefield has been solid for the Sox in 2009
Wakefield has been solid for the Sox in 2009

What can’t you say about Tim Wakefield this season? He has been solid, strong, and a pitcher that you can literally mark down a win every time he marches out to the bump. Currently Wakefield is the sole Red Sox leader with 10 wins, but clearly he has been a hero this season.

In April when Dice-K fell apart, Wakefield was there to the rescue. When the Sox took on Cliff Lee and the Cleveland Indians, Wakefield remained focused and shut down the Tribe. How about when those pesky Yankees came to town earlier this month? Wakefield was our man who bailed us out.

All in all, Wakefield who just completed his 382nd start, which ties Roger Clemens’s starts for the Sox has been spectacular this season and clearly an unidentified Ace. It’s true…I mean it! Of course Josh Beckett and Jon Lester are slowly taking form at the right time, but in the end, lets tip our caps to a man who has been sensational all year and will keep this up following the All-Star break, Mr. Tim Wakefield.

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