How I Spent My Fourth of July: Sports, Fireworks, and More Sports!

July 4, 2009, plenty of fireworks this weekend in sports!
July 4, 2009 featured plenty of fireworks in sports!

So how was your weekend? The Fourth of July that is to be exact! This certainly will be the number one question you will be asked tomorrow morning when your boss collects his or her morning coffee. How about in return question how many burgers or dogs he or she were able to down at their annual 4th of July barbeque? Anywhere close to Joey Chesnut’s, 67? How about did you watch Tiger spend his holiday playing golf instead of telling stories to his family about the great American Patriots? Did anyone of you happen to rock out to Bruce Springsteen’s “Born in the USA”?  Or even, did any one of you consider the fact that the Red Sox could have been swept by the Mariners for the first time in franchise history? All in all, the Fourth of July weekend brought out numerous fireworks for all of us!

Friday was the perfect time to get in the car to drive to grandma’s house for Saturday’s festivities or even to walk next door to your neighbors for the July 3rd fireworks. The most important thing though was that I hope we all didn’t miss Manny Ramirez explaining in his pre-game press conference, “God is good and good is God!” Can anyone translate that to me? He did say that in English… right? Manny Ramirez may have not totally stole the spotlight from Uncle Sam and the many Patriots we remember on America’s 233rd birthday, but surely it was an exciting moment to see this goofball walk back into the batters box following a 50 game suspension for using steroids.

Saturday was the day that you surely didn’t want to sleep in! Parades were going on, barbeque preparations were being finalized, and don’t even consider telling me you asked your mother or father if you could go to the beach! No need to wait until sundown on this day, just bring your appetite, which was exactly what Joey Chesnut did at the 2009 Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. Chesnut won again this year by stuffing a total of 67 hotdogs in his mouth. Surely that was not the number of hotdogs I was eating that day, instead I chose the barbeque chicken as my main course.

The Red Sox who had lost a heartbreaker the night before were unsuccessful at scoring runs, but V-Tek did hit a two run blast in the second, which was kind of exciting. Venus and Serena Williams, who are the proud owners of seven Wimbledon titles combined, battled it out on the grass for another year, but it was Serena in the end that captured her fourth Wimbledon title. Finally, what better way to cap off this holiday than sitting back, digesting some apple-pie and watching the Boston skyline lit up? It is surely a tradition and something I always have to do on this day and something to consider for America’s 234th birthday!

Finally, Sunday morning has arrived. The workweek is vastly approaching, which means its time to pack up, get the kids, say goodbye to your friends and head home. Although surely you were able to make it home in time to see Roger Federer capture his sixth Wimbledon title against Andy Roddick, right? This match may indeed have surpassed the 2008 Wimbledon final when Federer lost to Nadal, but when Federer finished off the longest set ever played in Wimbledon history, he jumped up and down. His excitement was carried over to Red Sox nation, which celebrated an 8-4 victory over the Seattle Mariners. “Phew” was probably the word all Sox fans said when the final out was made. The Mariners almost swept the Sox for the first time, but luckily our local nine prevailed in the end.

Well there you have it, another weekend, no not just another weekend, fourth of July 2009 that is to be exact is in the books and now its time to look forward to the next holiday where there is usually a barbeque… Labor Day!

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