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Chad wants to Twitter during NFL Games?
Chad wants to Twitter during NFL Games?

1.) The Greatest Tennis Match… EVER: On Sunday my friends sent me constant instant messages and texts when I arrived home from the Berkshires about this crazy fifth set between Andy Roddick and Roger Federer. Not being a big tennis guy, I immediately rose from my desk-chair, walked a few feet, and sat down on the floor like a little kid and watched Federer win in dramatic fashion. It truly was exciting and I thought following this particular Wimbledon match that he certainly maybe one of the best athletes period in the 21st century!

2.) Nomar Returns: So Nomah, (Boston Slang), returned this past week, were you happy to see him getting an arousing ovation? Here is my two cents about this whole series and his return. Great job for the Sox to win a game at least against the A’s, who are awful might I add, but Nomar will never return to Boston! I know that many people want or believe Theo will bring him back, but seriously, he is never returning to the Sox! When Theo took office there were three players he wanted to get rid of and one of them happened to be Nomar. The other two… Manny and Pedro.

3.) Steve McNair: This was awful news on July 4th and certainly something you never want to see, especially for a young talented man. When I turned on the television I could not believe my eyes. “Steve McNair died,” I exclaimed. It could not be true, but it was indeed. This was terrible to hear and surely we will all miss him.  Yet remember how much he meant to the game of football and what his teammates considered him, a true leader. I was fortunate to see McNair play against the New England Patriots in 2003 and let me just say, he was such an amazing player to see in person.

4.) Rasheed in Green: Yes! Rasheed Wallace will be playing for a championship this year and on the Boston Celtics too, just and FYI for those of you who have been living under a rock this past week. I am super excited the Celtics made this move and clearly it will pay off big time when the Green have to take on Cleveland and Orlando for a chance to capture their 18th championship. I can see it now, KG and Sheed hugging each other after Game 6 against the Lakers in the 2009 NBA Finals!

5.) Ocho-Cinco wants to Tweet: Can someone really inform me how great it is to have a twitter account? I have not signed onto this non-sense online site because I feel it is completely unnecessary to tell the world what I am doing every hour. Although, Chad Johnson (excuse me…Chad Ocho-Cinco) loves tweeting and is planning to attempt the impossible during this upcoming season. He wantst to let his fans, media, and friends know what he is thinking during games. Uh… I’m sorry, but Chad, what will you be more focused on, catching touchdown passes from apparently your new best friend again Carson Palmer or sending random people updates about what you ate for breakfast? Please NFL do not allow Chad or any other player to tweet during games!! Please!

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