Added Pressure for Romo and 2009 Dallas Cowboys

Romo knows he has a lot of pressure to succeed in 2009!
Romo knows he has a lot of pressure to succeed in 2009!

There is no doubt about what this season means to the Dallas Cowboys, especially quarterback Tony Romo. This is the time where they need to show America that it truly was Terrell Owens who derailed them in December and in their last two-playoff appearances during the 2006 and 2007 season.

Everyone believed last year the Cowboys were poised for a successful playoff run with the acquisitions of two talented young rookie running backs, (Felix Jones and Tashard Choice), a former Tennessee Tighten shut down cornerback (Adam “Pacman” Jones) and offensive lineman (Leonard Davis). Between the key additions and members of the 2007 team that were just a touchdown away from hosting their first NFC Championship game since 1995, 2008 was a let down, especially when Romo was sidelined for three games with a broken pinky finger.

Tested veteran and back-up quarterback Brad Johnson was horrendous for the Cowboys, only leading the squad to one win against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during Romo’s absence. Chaos erupted in the locker-room and onto the practice field, which allowed Cowboys fans to realize this team was not the true definition of a perfect squad, but just a bunch of talented players who could not get along.

More issues arose toward the end of the season between Romo, Jason Witten, and Terrell Owens that maneuvered the Cowboys to go from being a playoff contender to the biggest busts. Of course Dallas experienced another December meltdown, which included just one win and truly an embarrassing defeat in Philadelphia. Once the horn sounded at Lincoln Financial Field, the Cowboys walked off knowing yet again, they let their chances of making a run for their sixth Super Bowl in franchise history come to an end way too early.

Now that the 2008 season has been over for nearly five months and it is time for Romo and the Cowboys to start focusing on the task at hand, winning and winning a playoff game… NOW! So far this off-season numerous NFL analysts have called out Romo by saying he just is not that good. Even New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs made a similar statement on the radio this past week about him too, saying he is really not as good as people think he may actually be at times. Maybe he is not that good, it is quite possible.

When you suit up for America’s team every Sunday there is just a little bit of added pressure to win, just in case you did not know that Tony! Great Cowboys legends such as Don Meredith, Captain Comeback Roger Staubach, and Troy Aikman all knew that their performance on the field was incredibly important to their team’s success. I am not saying that these former Cowboy greats did not receive the same amount of scrutiny that Romo has in the past three seasons, but it just means that once you are a member of the Dallas Cowboys, the pressure is a little higher to succeed than lets say, oh I do not know… how about in Seattle or Detroit. It is quite easy to believe that when you are the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys the pressure to win is huge. You are in the spotlight and the name that is constantly tossed around the media and workplace.

Now that training camp is just weeks away, everyone will be watching the Cowboys closely, as if they are an eighth grade science experiment under a microscope. Every move, comment, ball dropped will be noted not just in the Dallas newspapers, but also around the United States of America. Tony Romo knows the task at hand, win, win, and win some more. I’m sure he appreciates owner Jerry Jones telling the media that he is their guy for the future, but deep down Jerry is just like all of us, wanting to see who exactly was the problem, Tony or Terrell? Right now, I say Terrell, but once the season begins, it may indeed be Mr. Romo.

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