My Opinion toward the MLB All-Star Game

MLB All-Star is a fun time, not a real game!
MLB All-Star is a fun time, not a real game!

Great moments, great opportunities! What am I trying to say it like Kurt Russell did in Disney’s Miracle? Why would I even borrow those wise words to describe the past and present MLB All-Star Game? Seriously, this game is the biggest joke ever! It makes the NFL Pro-Bowl seem serious, which it really is not true for one bit. I am telling you that I would rather sit back, relax, and read awful grocery store magazines or watch CSPAN highlights of Congress that day instead of spending three hours on my couch watching this thing.

Do you like the All-Star Game? Does it appeal to you more than it did in the early 1990’s because if the AL or NL wins their team will have home-field advantage throughout the World Series? This is crazy talk! Why can’t Bud Selig just allow the best team in baseball, which would have the best record be the home team? Would that make more sense? I think so!

How about these awful commercials that emphasize, THIS ONE COUNTS! Why not play those during the MBL Playoffs when it does count! Why not play those ads before a high school graduation ceremony, when getting a diploma does indeed count! How about playing it before your first day of work, because working hard seems to count!

Playing in an All-Star game is probably an amazing feeling, but between all the smiles, hugs, high fives, and joking around that occurs, it really loses its meaning of trying to be a competitive game. I mean, do you think Dan Uggla was upset after making a couple of errors in route to another NL defeat last season’s summer classic? I doubt it! I’m sure he just shrugged it off and resumed play once the vacation from baseball was over.

Overall, I am not a fan of the All-Star Game and just think that it is a total joke! What do you think?

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  1. Noontime, In the year and a half history of sports analyst partnership i have never disagreed with you more. The MLB All Star game is one of if not the most interesting all star game of the 4 major American sports. I would say that the NBA’s is second, but i feel people are drawn more to the Dunk and 3-Point competitions than the actual game.

    I’m not saying the game or the system in place for it is perfect. I personally believe that home-field advantage should go to the league with the better interleague record, but as the current method stands, it makes the game meaningful for the players and managers who are in it. Last years’ 15-inning marathon was the true epitome of a “Midsummer Classic”, and the reason why the managers and players fought so hard for the win was because they knew what was at stake. You think that the players that were hanging over the dugout fence and cheering for their team to win 2 hours after they had been taken out of the game weren’t into it? I stayed up until god knows how late watching that game, and i for one will be watching this one, waiting to see the next moment on caliber with Ichiro’s inside the parker in 2007, Pedro’s dazzling pitching display in 1999, Pete Rose’s collision w/ Faussey in 1970 to win the game, etc. What incredible, memorable moments can you name me from any of the other sports’ all star games that have the same lasting impact? Not many. This may just be the obsessive baseball fan in me, but i really think that now that the game has a purpose, it will continue to provide us with even greater amounts of memorable moments carried out by the greatest players in the game

    I know it comes down to a matter of opinion, but you have to admit, at least this game has some substance to it, unlike the joke of a display the NFL Pro Bowl is. To me, the bottom line is that the way the game is set up now, the only was it becomes a joke is if the game turns into a blowout. As long as the managers and players keep invested, they’ll manage it like any other ballgame, unlike in the other sports. And to someone like me, that’s exactly what i want.

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