My Michael Vick Saga

Thank You Michael Vick... You Ruined My Day!
Thank You Michael Vick... You Ruined My Day!

Before you indulge yourself with my wonderful and in-depth thoughts regarding Michael Vick, allow me to explain that the past 24-hours of Vick talk has just been out of control. Was he in New England, at Logan Airport or at his bankruptcy hearing yesterday? These questions were what drove me throughout my entire last day of July 2009. Did I enjoy all the speculation, yes indeed, but once you read my story, I think you will all realize why I am enjoying a restful Saturday afternoon.

Here is my story:

(FRIDAY, July 31, 2009): Rumors! Speculation! Chaos! Those would be the exact words to describe what occurred throughout the last 15-hours of my final day in July. Hmm… Are you saying the MLB Trade Rumors drove me crazy? No, not at all…well maybe a little bit, but I am talking about something more drastic… dramatic… trying to decipher the question, which is… (DUN DUN DUN) was Michael Vick indeed in Foxborough, Massachusetts at all today?

My search began earlier this morning when I came across an interesting post on Craig’s-List from a person who claimed to have seen Vick sitting in business class, which happened to be the section they were in too. Wait, wait, wait… hold everything. Vick in business class and on a commercial airline sounds somewhat fishy to me, right?

Whether or not this statement was true led me to investigate this post and try to uncover the actual question of was Vick in Boston for the weekend? Trust me, this was not at all like trying to snag Carmon Sandiego! Every story I discovered continued to feature the illustrious AP quote, which was describing Vick as someone who was    “close to signing with a team,” except it never mentioned what specific squad. That is somewhat important, hinting the reader on what team and uniform number he will be wearing, just a quick thought!

As my morning continued, both the Seattle papers and Yahoo Sports seemed to believe that the team, which Michael Vick had mentioned he was going to become a member of was infact Jim Mora Jr.’s new squad, the Seattle Seahawks.

Yet, Seattle seemed to be erased by the afternoon when I discovered rumors through, which linked to a few stories saying Vick was and was not at Gillette Stadium for the Patriots afternoon training camp session. These rumors allowed me to breath easier and realize that Vick was not a Patriot today, which allowed me to switch gears to the MLB trading deadline.

Checking back a little after 4pm, I came across a story by the Miami Herald that stated Vick was officially on the practice field. Hold everything, I should call the press, but once again was this indeed the actual truth? Everything seemed to get crazier from this moment.

Actually I was so fascinated by this crazy, out of this world, and unfathomable idea regarding Vick that I wrote a question on my Facebook page, which stated: “So Michael Vick, according to a few sources was on the practice field this afternoon at Gillette?” Posing this question was just another chapter in my Vick day, which was followed by a post 2 minutes later from a friend who wrote, “comma splice.” More comments were posted, but eventually I came to realize that after posting my question this report was false, which is when I wrote underneath the other various posts the following: “Who knows how true this actually is because it seems that Vick is in Virginia, according to other sources, plus wouldn’t the media be all over this story? It would be up there with the trade deadline!”

As the sun began to dip and Friday afternoon became Friday evening, I finally came across the answer that I had been looking for, (DRUM ROLL PLEASE), he was not and doesn’t seem to be anywhere close to being a New England Patriot. Vick wasn’t even in New England; instead he was still in Virginia.

Okay, okay, okay… laugh all you want, make fun of me, joke with your friends that good old Noontime checked a variety of sources, blogs, and made some calls to decipher this mystery. I may not be anywhere close to Sherlock Holmes, Encyclopedia Brown or those annoying Hardy Boy’s, but what I learned was following a story can teach one a lesson. I love blogging and reporting for my college newspaper, but sometimes my father’s liberal advice comes in handy when thinking about an actual answer and decoding the facts, “measure twice, cut once.”

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  1. I won’t laugh– considering I like the fact that you didn’t just go off of one source. Always better to do more research then not enough!
    Nice article Sherlock! 🙂

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