Michael Vick an Eagle? Does this make ANY sense?

Vick an Eagle? Does this make sense?
Vick an Eagle? Does this make sense?

It was roughly the same time last year, same spot, same topic… football. I was sitting at my kitchen table on a warm mid-August afternoon contemplating various job locations for Chad Pennington to pop a resume in for the 2008 season. Yet this year it’s a little different because now I get to write about Michael Vick.

Vick, you say? Hasn’t that guy been in the news every day? Well of course he has, but lately the news is telling me he has found a team!

Michael Vick is a Philadelphia Eagle everyone and lets just say all together, “why?” I mean it, why would Vick join the Eagles? Does this seem logical and the appropriate place for him to be this upcoming football season? I certainly believe not!

The Eagles as many of you know are a very talented and competitive football team that always seems to leave the gates slow in September, but turns up the notch when November and December roll around. They are a team known for their crucifying defense, fast paced offense and of course great coaching staff. They have a quarterback named Donovan McNabb who probably irritates you as much as your mother-in-law or that Miss Goodie Too Shoes who has to answer every single question in class. But now, they have a problem. Houston… what do we do?

Michael Vick as quarterback? Nope! Michael Vick as running back? Have one of those at the moment. Michael Vick as an offensive lineman? He is somewhat small for the position. How about as a receiver? Possibly.  Cornerback? Sure. Punt returner? Have one of those too. How about as a motivator? That does not seem fitting. Intern? Of course! No, he will be more than just a guy who goes on the coffee and doughnut run, but really, where does this guy fit in?

There may not be an answer as of now or maybe Andy Reid has decided he will use his quarterbacks like Tom Landry did during most of the 1971 Super Bowl season, as a starting pitcher and closer. Yet that did cause some controversy in the lone star state, so what would you do? Would you keep Vick as a back-up quarterback? Assign him to the practice squad or even just have him take part in this so-called “WILD-CAT” offense, which is made for the college game. Either way it is not definite or determined what position Vick will play, but I am sure you can start by saying he will be sporting a number 7 jersey in green this October when he is officially done paying back his debt to the NFL.

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