The Return of Brett Favre

Another Year of Brett Favre Saga... Oh Boy!
Another Year of Brett Favre Saga... Oh Boy!

Let me begin by asking the most important question of the day…are you tired of this nonsense? I mean lets be honest, Brett Favre cannot make up his mind! He is like a five-year old in a toy store… “Do I want this toy or that one?”

Favre should have remained retired and he knows it too!

Being a New England Patriots fan, I was so frustrated when the New York Jets came into Gillette Stadium last November and squeaked by with an overtime win, which was typical Favre. I was at that game and quite honestly it was exciting, but just hurt so much when the men dressed in green and white ran off the field in celebration. Yet that was really the last hurrah for the Jets and Favre following a win the next week against Tennessee. Afterward the Jets and their aging quarterback skidded to the finish line, losing four of their last five games. Favre’s number dipped dramatically and especially when he fell apart in their final contest of the season against the Miami Dolphins. Instead of being the quarterback that we all used to love watching, he just continued to exhibit his downfall and exemplify the point that he needed to retire and leave behind the game he loves pronto.

Now 2009’s NFL season is just weeks away. Michael Vick is back and oh wait… who is that scruffy looking guy? He has some grey hair even! Oh no… not again, yes… Brett Favre is back in the league and this time out for revenge! Who cares if he threw the Jets final game because he always had Green Bay on his mind throughout the entire 2008 season? Who cares if he threw the ball 522 times and had 22 interceptions? Who gives a hoot if Favre just wants to come back and shove it down Green Bay’s throat? Do you? Do I?

Favre is back again and am I surprised, no… not really. I knew this was going to happen, I knew he would play, and I knew that the Vikings was where he belonged. Besides, lets all just say he is back so he can get what he wants, which is payback against his former team. He wanted to go to Minnesota in 2008, but that didn’t happen. He could not make up his mind this summer about returning for one more chance at holding a Lombardi, but yet some how good fortune, luck, the stars, or just the Minnesota front office finally maneuvered a way to get Brett to join the “Purple People Eaters!”

Will he make this team better? Probably! In fact, I guess you can say they are currently a front-runner for possibly representing the NFC in Miami next February, but only if Favre can remain consistent. He will be playing 10-games indoors this fall, which should not have any affect for throwing or running the ball. Favre has better receivers with the Vikings compared to the Jets last year, which is an upgrade and how could I not forget, an elite running back by the name of Adrian Peterson. This will indeed be his last stint in the NFL and let me say, I cannot wait to watch Favre take on the Packers on October 5th and November 1st.

Overall, I am sure this will be another interesting season with Favre back, but can he all just do us a favor, win or lose, call it quits once the Vikings season is done!

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