Patriots lose to "Trash-Talking" Jets, 16-9 (WEEK 2)

I am sure Belichick was not pleased to lose to Rex Ryan!
I am sure Belichick was not pleased to lose to Rex Ryan!

This game was not one I want to remember as a Patriots fan!

Tom Brady did not look in-sync with any of his offensive backs or receivers, the defense totally lacks leadership, plus the Jets defense may indeed be one of the most physical squads in the NFL, but don’t send them to Canton just yet!

Rex Ryan, I have nothing more to say to you other than you certainly brought the noise. If I were playing today, I would have imagined after breaking the huddle that the Jets had 13, 14, or 15 guys on the field at once. Let me just say… IT WAS LOUD!

The Patriots could have used Wes Welker this afternoon, but lets not forget about the up and coming rookie wide-out Julian Edelman, who finished the day with 8 catches for 98-yards. Besides Edelman, Joey Galloway looked lost, Randy Moss just didn’t seem himself, and Laurence Maroney once again did not prove that he is a dominant back for this squad.

Should I take my father’s advice and believe this once, Super Bowl team is falling apart? I would say not really, but Coach Belichick needs to help his defense in order to be more competitive, especially against the next few opponents, including the Falcons, Ravens, and Tightens!

Overall it was not a great game for Patriots Nation, but it is only week 2 of this brand news season, so lets hope they can rebound  next Sunday, September 27, 2009, when they host the Atlanta Falcons.

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