Two Months of the 2009 NFL Season in the Books!


With two months of the season complete, could the New England Patriots be poised for another Super Bowl run?

With two months of the 2009 NFL season already in the books, it is time to reflect on the first half of the season and consider what is in store for the final remaining weeks. It has indeed been an interesting year that has kept every pigskin fan excited or incredibly disappointed about their team, but overall, this is the NFL where anything can happen!

Winning Ways:

It is quite hard to believe or consider who has truly shown the winning ways so far this season and will continue their success up to February 7, 2010 in Miami, Florida.

The first team that has put it together on both offense and defense is the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts are a team that any squad should fear if they remain on their schedule. Yet, my only question is how can we deem them the best squad in football when their schedule has consisted against a variety of sub-par teams, excluding the Arizona Cardinals. Certainly Indianapolis will be challenged in the upcoming weeks when they face-off against Houston, New England, Baltimore, Denver and New York Jets. After playing these squads, then we should really discuss if Peyton Manning and his first ranked passing offense is just unstoppable or too tough for the basement teams to defend.

Besides the Colts, what about the New Orleans Saints and Denver Broncos?  Are these two squad’s legit or just flukes? I would have to say they are both for real. The Saints have just been too good this year and have given defensive coordinators nightmares, as well as just wooed crowds across the nation. Also, when you have a quarterback named Drew Brees, how can you not say you are the best team? Brees has clearly shown how determined he is to win every game, especially when the winning ways remain on the line.

McDaniels beat Bill and the Patriots, but are they the best to offer in the NFL?

Unlike the Saints the Broncos have truly been the amazing story this fall, especially since last year they were floating above the .500 mark by one game entering November 2008. This year has been a different story, primarily because the mile-high city has been rejuvenated by a young former Belichick protégé, a back-up quarterback from Chicago, and a crucifying defense led by Elvis Dumervil. Unlike the Saints, the Broncos face a challenging up hill battle in the AFC playoff placement race, which really will tell us how good they really can be when playing against the best. Beating the Patriots is one thing, but winning against the other big-time squads is another.

Mid-Season Surprises:

There have been quite a variety of storylines this fall surrounding the undefeated squads, but also the teams that were selected to drop off the earth’s surface pretty quickly too. After week 7 was in the books, both the AFC and NFC still have 19 possible teams that are in the midst of fighting for their playoff lives.

With the cold November air approaching and the nasty December snow, wet rain, and sleet coming too, some of these teams may want to reconsider playing football in January and book an off-season vacation to Hawaii with their friends and families. Yet, out of these various 19 teams, I am most surprised with the following: New York Jets, Cincinnati Bengals, Houston Texans, Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers, Arizona Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers. These are just the few squads that were clearly not poised to remain in the hunt, although stranger things have happened in the past.  For example, remember when Matt Cassel was the quarterback with the New England Patriots? How did that turn out?

Throughout the next four weeks of November, I truly think we will know before Thanksgiving who are the legit teams and the phonies. The Bengals will be a team that will be like an annoying mosquito to Pittsburgh and Baltimore. The Jets will be right behind the Patriots, but will most likely compete for the wild card. As for the NFC competing for both divisions and wild cards will be much tougher than it was last year. The Cowboys are a team that really should end the season as the 6th seed in the playoffs. Even thought I selected the Chicago Bears to win the NFC North, don’t bank on the Minnesota Vikings because a good second half from the Packers, along with ruining Brett Favres homecoming to Lambeau Field will be what they need to make a push for the division.

Second Half Thoughts for the New England Patriots:

5-2 is incredibly respectable for the New England Patriots, especially considering how much more competitive this league has been thus far. Tom Brady was awarded October’s AFC Offensive Player of the Month Award, primarily because of torching the secondary of both the Tennessee Titans and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Looking ahead to the remaining weeks, the month of November will tell Patriots fans how good their squad is and if they have a chance at making a run for their fourth Lombardi Trophy. Besides hoping that Brady continues to improve and regain his 2007 swagger, look for questions regarding the running game, third receiver, and defense to still remain in the final months. If the offense can receive help from running backs Laurence Maroney, Sammy Morris, and Kevin Faulk, plus hope for Fred Taylor to return as soon as possible, this unit will click. Also, can Brandon Tate be the third target for Brady or even Sam Aiken? Finally on defense look for Gary Guyton, Mike Wright, and Brandon Meriweather to translate their first half performance into the second half of their season.

Don’t expect every game to be perfect, but with Belichick at the helm, who isn’t thinking Super Bowl XLIV at the moment?


Will Drew Brees lead his New Orleans Saints to the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl prediction:

As much as it would have been great to consider my pick back in September week 1, which was Philadelphia-New England, I am going to have to say it will be New England – New Orleans Saints battling in Miami for the right to be crowned the Super Bowl Champion.

Thoughts on Sports (10/22/09)

Had a few thoughts on my mind!

Had a few thoughts on my mind!

Had a great day of classes, but couldn’t concentrate. Had a few burning thoughts about the sports world in my head, which is why I decided to blog.

The New England Patriots are headed to London for a game against the winless Tampa Bay Buccaneers, should I make a prediction now? I’ll wait for another day, but doesn’t this seem weird, the Patriots in London and playing football? Not soccer, but American football to be exact. Seems strange to me. The past two games both NFC teams, (Giants and Saints) won, so will the tradition continue again this year for the NFC? We will have to wait and see.

Are you enjoying the MLB 2009 Playoffs? I doubt it, unless you are a New York Yankees fan. I am sure not caring one bit. Ever since the Boston Red Sox were eliminated, I have tuned off baseball and said hello to college football. In fact, the ALCS and NLCS have not been exciting one bit, but that’s just my opinion. Although if you consider what has occurred, two teams are great and two are not. Yet, is it somewhat funny that both teams with Los Angeles at the beginning combine currently for 2 wins?

Do you think Manny enjoyed the playoffs?

Do you think Manny enjoyed the playoffs?

How about those umpire the other evening in Anaheim. Looked like myself back in the day umpping softball in the suburbs. Of course I was very lenient and wanted the young sluggers to enjoy their time on the diamond, but wow, quite a good amount of mistakes were made that left the Sothern California faithful quite confused and upset. If the Angles indeed fall to the Yankees this evening, should we blame the MLB Umpire crew for the entire series?

Who is ready for some basketball? I am and for some reason this year, I am super excited to see the Boston Celtics back in action! Did it seem that last nights contest against King James’s royal family, (a.k.a. the Cleveland Cavaliers); was just a warm up for next Tuesday season opener or just another chapter in this heated rival? Either way, I am expecting Tuesday night to be somewhat of a classic. Last year the Celtics defeated the Cavs at home, as well as unveiled banner number 17, so I am sure this year things may seem different.

How about those pesky Pittsburgh Penguins, just dominating the world of the NHL. Aren’t they just the true meaning of champions? Do you think Sydney Crosby or Evgeni Malkin eat Wheaties every morning? I sure hope so because this team is on fire. ESPN ranks them the number one team over the other 7-1 squad, New York Rangers.

Finally how do you think Terrelle Pryor, the quarterback of the Ohio State Buckeyes felt when answering a call from the LeBron James? How would you answer the phone if the “chosen one” called you? I bet Pryor was excited and anxious to hear how James goes about his celebrity life and how Pryor should follow in his foot steps with possibly a 60-minutes interview and a State Farm commercial for the Cleveland Browns.

Those are my thoughts, have a great rest of your Thursday!

NFL Week 5 Predictions

Time for NFL Week 5 Picks, No Flips Included!

Time for NFL Week 5 Picks, No Flips Included!

Okay, back again for another week of NFL Picks on the lovely Noontime Sports Blog, which everyone adores! Last week I went 10-4, which isn’t bad, but sadly, I did root for the Packers to beat the Vikings, sorry Brett!

This weekend, I am headed out west to relax in the city by the bay, San Francisco, where I will be blocks away from historic Candlestick Park, so 49ers fans I may root for the red and gold after all. Anyways have a great weekend and don’t forget to thank Christopher Columbus Monday morning for discovering this fine land, which gives us Sunday pigskin too!

New England Patriots at Denver Broncos: For all the Patriots fans, including myself, we have all been anticipating part-17 of old face in new place, a.k.a. Belichick vs. McDaniels. The Broncos have been a complete surprise this season, but sadly last week knocked off my Dallas Cowboys! This week the Broncos will get a taste of reality, but don’t expect either team to run away in this contest, especially since it is supposed to snow in Denver. Patriots 24 – Broncos 17

Houston Texans at Arizona Cardinals: Sometimes I come across baffled when I discuss either of these two teams with various sports fans. Both squads I like, but am disappointed with their starts. The Texans are like the Cowboys in Dallas, win one week and lose the other, so I can’t figure them out. As for the defending NFC Champion Arizona Cardinals, I am just not sold on them rebounding from a great 2008 season. Overall, look for this game to be somewhat close, but in favor of Houston once the final tick on the clock hits “0.” Texans 28 – Cardinals 21

Cleveland Browns at Buffalo Bills: These two teams have been disgraceful this fall, just embarrassing! I had high hopes for the Bills, but they seemed to have let me down again. The Browns made a great move getting rid of wide-out Braylon Edwards, so hopefully this can be a fresh new start for Eric and the Dog Pound… I don’t think so! Bills 27 – Browns 10

Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens: After watching the great Joe “Flap Your Wings” Flacco almost come back to earn Baltimore their fourth “W” of the 2009 season, how can I not select the Ravens in this contest?  I’ll excuse Ray Lewis and Rodney Harrison’s comments regarding the new improved “Tom Brady Rule” and get excited for this game by possibly purchasing a Chad OchoCino jersey! Ravens 23 – Bengals 17

Anyone want to purchase this jersey?

Anyone want to purchase this jersey?

Washington Redskins at Carolina Panthers: These two teams don’t impress me one bit. Jake Delhomme as been awful, Steve Smith is dreadful, and John Fox must be confused as a third-grader during a standarized exam. Bad comparison, but either way lets at least all root for just the refs to have a great game. Redskins 20 – Panthers 14

Dallas Cowboys at Kansas City Chiefs: Both teams need a win or else their fans will explode. For the Dallas Cowboys their season has been a giant seesaw, win a game and then lose a game. As for the Chiefs, I have to admit that one great season with the Patriots does not make Matt Cassel an amazing quarterback or Canton bound. I wish the red and white had hung onto quarterback Tyler Thigpen, but since he left town I may have root against Kansas City. Dallas 24 – Kansas City 17

Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans: Indianapolis is on fire and everyone should be careful of this undefeated squad. On the flipside who would have imagined how awful the Titans, (Yes, spelled it right this week Facebook), have been this season. Jeff Fisher must not be too happy these days, yet can we just say that the Titans remind us of those Houston Oilers? Come on let’s sing that song! “Houston Oilers… Houston Oilers!” Colts 31 – Titans 14

Minnesota Vikings at St. Louis Rams: Okay, as much as I would love to see the Rams win a game this week, I do not see that happening according to my crystal ball. Brett Favre looked great against his former team and I am sure plenty of fireworks will occur in this contest against one of the leagues worst passing and rushing defenses. Pick the Purple People Eaters! Vikings 31 – Rams 7

Oakland Raiders at New York Giants: Can I please ask the person who created the 2009 NFL schedule to stand up? Eminem can remain standing, but does it seem that all the 4-0 teams have somewhat legit easy contests or playing teams that they should beat this week? Here is another undefeated team that will win for sure, even if it means playing back-up quarterback David Carr. Giants 24 – Raiders 13

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Philadelphia Eagles: McNabb will play and I bet Vick will too. How about everyone in Philly plays this week? Sound goods to me, yet the winless Buccaneers may disapprove of my request. Good luck Coach Morris, I hope this season gets better down the road! Eagles 29 – Buccaneers 13

Pittsburgh Steelers at Detroit Lions: Detroit put up quite a fight last week in the Windy City, but this week I just don’t know if the Lions can stop a Steelers team that may have figured out their issues. Pittsburgh looked amazing on Sunday, besides some careless plays, but should win this game easily. Steelers 28 – Lions 17

I'll be rooting for the 49ers, especially since I am spending the weekend here!

I'll be rooting for the 49ers, especially since I am spending the weekend here!

Atlanta Falcons at San Francisco 49ers: As mentioned I am officially in 49er territory, so it is a good thing I left my Patriots cap back at school. This week, I am going to root for the team that tallied 49 points in my fantasy football league last Sunday, the 49ers. 49ers 21 – Falcons 16

Jacksonville Jaguars at Seattle Seahawks: Seattle is a mess and lets admit now that the 49ers should be an automatic lock for the NFC West come January 3, 2010, but we have only seen ¼ of the 2009 season, so lots could happen. In the meantime, lets think about this logically, could a cat beat a bird in a fight? It is a fair question to ask, right? Jaguars 28 – Seahawks 17

New York Jets at Miami Dolphins: Great Monday Night Football Match-up, but I bet I will be glued to the Red Sox-Angles Game 4 that evening, if it occurs. The Jets are coming off a crucifying loss to the powerful New Orleans Saints while the Dolphins finally snapped a 3-game losing streak, beating the Bills at home. I think this could be a lot closer than people believe it will be, but how do I know that? My prediction… Jets 27 – Dolphins 13

NFL Week 4 Predictions

NFL Week 4 Picks!

NFL Week 4 Picks!

Noontime Sports has officially announced that every Friday is Noontime Pick-Em Friday, which means Noontime needs to pick some NFL games for the upcoming weekend. Starting this week, October 2, 2009, check out Noontime Sports every week to see his picks for the upcoming slate of games. Enjoy the weekend everyone and root for Noontime Sports!

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Washington Redskins: How can I not pick the Redskins in this contest? The Redskins ended week 3 on such a tough note. They lost to the win-less Detroit Lions. Look for the Skins to bounce back in this contest and put another loss in the loss column for the Bucs. Redskins 19 – Buccaneers 10

Baltimore Ravens at New England Patriots: I bet the Pats are thanking their lucky stars that the NFL planned for this game to be at home. Having the 12th man will be incredibly helpful, especially late into the second half. Look for a physical, smash-mouth, but low scoring affair between these two teams. I don’t expect any fireworks, but possibly a long pass from Flacco to Washington or Brady to Moss could occur. Patriots 17 – Ravens 14

Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears: The Lions must feel pretty good these days. The NHL season has begun, so now the Red Wings will take center stage! No, I bet head coach Jim Schwartz is feeling pretty good about his squad and young rookie quarterback, but this week, I am picking “Da-Bears!” Bears 23 – Lions 9

Tennessee Titans at Jacksonville Jaguars: This game should feature two teams that may not be going too far this season, but who knows, it is only week 4. I would not be surprised at the end of the day that this game turns into a “catch me if you can” contest, featuring Jones-Drew and Johnson. Titans 23 – Jaguars 20

Remember when the Raiders had a great quarterback?

Remember when the Raiders had a great quarterback?

Oakland Raiders at Houston Texans: Remember when these two squads played against one another in 1967 for the AFL Championship? Oakland beat the once Houston Oilers of the AFL and then got trounced by Lombardi’s Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl II. Yet, this game will not decide who is going to represent the modern day AFL, AFC Champions, but more show that Houston is a decent 8-8 team at the end of the year and that the Raiders are just not that good. Raiders 13 – Texans 27

Cincinnati Bengals at Cleveland Browns: The Bengals are looking good these days. After an impressive win against Big Ben and the Pittsburgh Steelers last Sunday, should we just reconsider this whole Bengals squad outlook? Has Chad Ocho Cinco tweeted lately about his Super Bowl predictions? I don’t know, but Chad please tweet the score of this massacre because Cincinnati will be 3-1 at the end of the day. Bengals 28 – Browns 10

Seattle Seahawks at Indianapolis Colts: Jim Mora Jr. has his Seahawks flying south early this fall, but against the Colts, I just don’t know what Senecal Wallace will bring to the table. Certainly not his playing card’s, but pick the Colts to trounce the Hawks! Colts 29 – Seahawks 14

New York Giants at Kansas City Chiefs: Kansas City has looked awful for the past three weeks. They gave away one of my favorite players, Tyler Thigpen to the Fins and who knows how many more games ex-Patriot quarterback Matt Cassel will play? Steve Smith and Mario Manningham will have huge receiving days, so start them in fantasy. Giants 24 – Chiefs 6

Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins: The Fins are a mess! The Bills, they have to deal with their issues too, which includes keeping T.O. happy and putting the ball in his hands. This game will be sloppy at times, but pick the Bills. Bills 23 – Dolphins 13

New York Jets at New Orleans Saints: This could go either two ways. The Saints just throw too many touchdowns and torch one of the best defenses in the league or Mark Sanchez and Rex Ryan stomps the Saints. Either war, this will be a great game, but in the end, this game may be another win for the Saints, so Jets fans, time to get a taste of reality. Saints 28 – Jets 18

St. Louis Rams at San Francisco 49ers: I sure hope 49ers Head Coach Mike Singletary has had a steak this week, in which he would have expressed that he “tasted it, chewed it, swallowed it, and it just got better every bite!” Well I will enjoy my steak dinner this evening too!  Mike, I believe your team will beat those Rams on Sunday who have not won a regular season match-up since October of 2008. 49ers 21 – Rams 7

Dallas Cowboys at Denver Broncos: This game should be interesting, but I think out of all the 3-0 teams, the Broncos will get a dope-slap. The Cowboys may indeed be without Barber and Jones, but look for Tashard “The People’s” Choice to run the ball well. In the end, Wade and the Gang will pump their fist and smile at a 3-1 record for his boys. Cowboys 28 – Broncos 23

San Diego Chargers at Pittsburgh Steelers: Both of these two squads have been a surprise this fall. Who would have imagined come October both these two teams, whom I picked to win their individual divisions, would be looking up at other opponents? I certainly did not, but both teams need to win, yet could a tie get both of these teams headed in the right direction? Chargers 24 – Steelers 17

Do you think Brett is excited for Monday Night Football? I say, YES!

Do you think Brett is excited for Monday Night Football? I say, YES!

Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings: Brett Favre is indeed going to do whatever he can to not shake hands with any Green Bay Packer player or fan, especially quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Favre will hand the ball off to Peterson, who should have a better day, especially on Monday Night Football. Vikings 29 – Packers 17