NFL Week 4 Predictions

NFL Week 4 Picks!
NFL Week 4 Picks!

Noontime Sports has officially announced that every Friday is Noontime Pick-Em Friday, which means Noontime needs to pick some NFL games for the upcoming weekend. Starting this week, October 2, 2009, check out Noontime Sports every week to see his picks for the upcoming slate of games. Enjoy the weekend everyone and root for Noontime Sports!

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Washington Redskins: How can I not pick the Redskins in this contest? The Redskins ended week 3 on such a tough note. They lost to the win-less Detroit Lions. Look for the Skins to bounce back in this contest and put another loss in the loss column for the Bucs. Redskins 19 – Buccaneers 10

Baltimore Ravens at New England Patriots: I bet the Pats are thanking their lucky stars that the NFL planned for this game to be at home. Having the 12th man will be incredibly helpful, especially late into the second half. Look for a physical, smash-mouth, but low scoring affair between these two teams. I don’t expect any fireworks, but possibly a long pass from Flacco to Washington or Brady to Moss could occur. Patriots 17 – Ravens 14

Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears: The Lions must feel pretty good these days. The NHL season has begun, so now the Red Wings will take center stage! No, I bet head coach Jim Schwartz is feeling pretty good about his squad and young rookie quarterback, but this week, I am picking “Da-Bears!” Bears 23 – Lions 9

Tennessee Titans at Jacksonville Jaguars: This game should feature two teams that may not be going too far this season, but who knows, it is only week 4. I would not be surprised at the end of the day that this game turns into a “catch me if you can” contest, featuring Jones-Drew and Johnson. Titans 23 – Jaguars 20

Remember when the Raiders had a great quarterback?
Remember when the Raiders had a great quarterback?

Oakland Raiders at Houston Texans: Remember when these two squads played against one another in 1967 for the AFL Championship? Oakland beat the once Houston Oilers of the AFL and then got trounced by Lombardi’s Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl II. Yet, this game will not decide who is going to represent the modern day AFL, AFC Champions, but more show that Houston is a decent 8-8 team at the end of the year and that the Raiders are just not that good. Raiders 13 – Texans 27

Cincinnati Bengals at Cleveland Browns: The Bengals are looking good these days. After an impressive win against Big Ben and the Pittsburgh Steelers last Sunday, should we just reconsider this whole Bengals squad outlook? Has Chad Ocho Cinco tweeted lately about his Super Bowl predictions? I don’t know, but Chad please tweet the score of this massacre because Cincinnati will be 3-1 at the end of the day. Bengals 28 – Browns 10

Seattle Seahawks at Indianapolis Colts: Jim Mora Jr. has his Seahawks flying south early this fall, but against the Colts, I just don’t know what Senecal Wallace will bring to the table. Certainly not his playing card’s, but pick the Colts to trounce the Hawks! Colts 29 – Seahawks 14

New York Giants at Kansas City Chiefs: Kansas City has looked awful for the past three weeks. They gave away one of my favorite players, Tyler Thigpen to the Fins and who knows how many more games ex-Patriot quarterback Matt Cassel will play? Steve Smith and Mario Manningham will have huge receiving days, so start them in fantasy. Giants 24 – Chiefs 6

Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins: The Fins are a mess! The Bills, they have to deal with their issues too, which includes keeping T.O. happy and putting the ball in his hands. This game will be sloppy at times, but pick the Bills. Bills 23 – Dolphins 13

New York Jets at New Orleans Saints: This could go either two ways. The Saints just throw too many touchdowns and torch one of the best defenses in the league or Mark Sanchez and Rex Ryan stomps the Saints. Either war, this will be a great game, but in the end, this game may be another win for the Saints, so Jets fans, time to get a taste of reality. Saints 28 – Jets 18

St. Louis Rams at San Francisco 49ers: I sure hope 49ers Head Coach Mike Singletary has had a steak this week, in which he would have expressed that he “tasted it, chewed it, swallowed it, and it just got better every bite!” Well I will enjoy my steak dinner this evening too!  Mike, I believe your team will beat those Rams on Sunday who have not won a regular season match-up since October of 2008. 49ers 21 – Rams 7

Dallas Cowboys at Denver Broncos: This game should be interesting, but I think out of all the 3-0 teams, the Broncos will get a dope-slap. The Cowboys may indeed be without Barber and Jones, but look for Tashard “The People’s” Choice to run the ball well. In the end, Wade and the Gang will pump their fist and smile at a 3-1 record for his boys. Cowboys 28 – Broncos 23

San Diego Chargers at Pittsburgh Steelers: Both of these two squads have been a surprise this fall. Who would have imagined come October both these two teams, whom I picked to win their individual divisions, would be looking up at other opponents? I certainly did not, but both teams need to win, yet could a tie get both of these teams headed in the right direction? Chargers 24 – Steelers 17

Do you think Brett is excited for Monday Night Football? I say, YES!
Do you think Brett is excited for Monday Night Football? I say, YES!

Green Bay Packers at Minnesota Vikings: Brett Favre is indeed going to do whatever he can to not shake hands with any Green Bay Packer player or fan, especially quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Favre will hand the ball off to Peterson, who should have a better day, especially on Monday Night Football. Vikings 29 – Packers 17

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