NFL Week 5 Predictions

Time for NFL Week 5 Picks, No Flips Included!
Time for NFL Week 5 Picks, No Flips Included!

Okay, back again for another week of NFL Picks on the lovely Noontime Sports Blog, which everyone adores! Last week I went 10-4, which isn’t bad, but sadly, I did root for the Packers to beat the Vikings, sorry Brett!

This weekend, I am headed out west to relax in the city by the bay, San Francisco, where I will be blocks away from historic Candlestick Park, so 49ers fans I may root for the red and gold after all. Anyways have a great weekend and don’t forget to thank Christopher Columbus Monday morning for discovering this fine land, which gives us Sunday pigskin too!

New England Patriots at Denver Broncos: For all the Patriots fans, including myself, we have all been anticipating part-17 of old face in new place, a.k.a. Belichick vs. McDaniels. The Broncos have been a complete surprise this season, but sadly last week knocked off my Dallas Cowboys! This week the Broncos will get a taste of reality, but don’t expect either team to run away in this contest, especially since it is supposed to snow in Denver. Patriots 24 – Broncos 17

Houston Texans at Arizona Cardinals: Sometimes I come across baffled when I discuss either of these two teams with various sports fans. Both squads I like, but am disappointed with their starts. The Texans are like the Cowboys in Dallas, win one week and lose the other, so I can’t figure them out. As for the defending NFC Champion Arizona Cardinals, I am just not sold on them rebounding from a great 2008 season. Overall, look for this game to be somewhat close, but in favor of Houston once the final tick on the clock hits “0.” Texans 28 – Cardinals 21

Cleveland Browns at Buffalo Bills: These two teams have been disgraceful this fall, just embarrassing! I had high hopes for the Bills, but they seemed to have let me down again. The Browns made a great move getting rid of wide-out Braylon Edwards, so hopefully this can be a fresh new start for Eric and the Dog Pound… I don’t think so! Bills 27 – Browns 10

Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens: After watching the great Joe “Flap Your Wings” Flacco almost come back to earn Baltimore their fourth “W” of the 2009 season, how can I not select the Ravens in this contest?  I’ll excuse Ray Lewis and Rodney Harrison’s comments regarding the new improved “Tom Brady Rule” and get excited for this game by possibly purchasing a Chad OchoCino jersey! Ravens 23 – Bengals 17

Anyone want to purchase this jersey?
Anyone want to purchase this jersey?

Washington Redskins at Carolina Panthers: These two teams don’t impress me one bit. Jake Delhomme as been awful, Steve Smith is dreadful, and John Fox must be confused as a third-grader during a standarized exam. Bad comparison, but either way lets at least all root for just the refs to have a great game. Redskins 20 – Panthers 14

Dallas Cowboys at Kansas City Chiefs: Both teams need a win or else their fans will explode. For the Dallas Cowboys their season has been a giant seesaw, win a game and then lose a game. As for the Chiefs, I have to admit that one great season with the Patriots does not make Matt Cassel an amazing quarterback or Canton bound. I wish the red and white had hung onto quarterback Tyler Thigpen, but since he left town I may have root against Kansas City. Dallas 24 – Kansas City 17

Indianapolis Colts at Tennessee Titans: Indianapolis is on fire and everyone should be careful of this undefeated squad. On the flipside who would have imagined how awful the Titans, (Yes, spelled it right this week Facebook), have been this season. Jeff Fisher must not be too happy these days, yet can we just say that the Titans remind us of those Houston Oilers? Come on let’s sing that song! “Houston Oilers… Houston Oilers!” Colts 31 – Titans 14

Minnesota Vikings at St. Louis Rams: Okay, as much as I would love to see the Rams win a game this week, I do not see that happening according to my crystal ball. Brett Favre looked great against his former team and I am sure plenty of fireworks will occur in this contest against one of the leagues worst passing and rushing defenses. Pick the Purple People Eaters! Vikings 31 – Rams 7

Oakland Raiders at New York Giants: Can I please ask the person who created the 2009 NFL schedule to stand up? Eminem can remain standing, but does it seem that all the 4-0 teams have somewhat legit easy contests or playing teams that they should beat this week? Here is another undefeated team that will win for sure, even if it means playing back-up quarterback David Carr. Giants 24 – Raiders 13

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Philadelphia Eagles: McNabb will play and I bet Vick will too. How about everyone in Philly plays this week? Sound goods to me, yet the winless Buccaneers may disapprove of my request. Good luck Coach Morris, I hope this season gets better down the road! Eagles 29 – Buccaneers 13

Pittsburgh Steelers at Detroit Lions: Detroit put up quite a fight last week in the Windy City, but this week I just don’t know if the Lions can stop a Steelers team that may have figured out their issues. Pittsburgh looked amazing on Sunday, besides some careless plays, but should win this game easily. Steelers 28 – Lions 17

I'll be rooting for the 49ers, especially since I am spending the weekend here!
I'll be rooting for the 49ers, especially since I am spending the weekend here!

Atlanta Falcons at San Francisco 49ers: As mentioned I am officially in 49er territory, so it is a good thing I left my Patriots cap back at school. This week, I am going to root for the team that tallied 49 points in my fantasy football league last Sunday, the 49ers. 49ers 21 – Falcons 16

Jacksonville Jaguars at Seattle Seahawks: Seattle is a mess and lets admit now that the 49ers should be an automatic lock for the NFC West come January 3, 2010, but we have only seen ¼ of the 2009 season, so lots could happen. In the meantime, lets think about this logically, could a cat beat a bird in a fight? It is a fair question to ask, right? Jaguars 28 – Seahawks 17

New York Jets at Miami Dolphins: Great Monday Night Football Match-up, but I bet I will be glued to the Red Sox-Angles Game 4 that evening, if it occurs. The Jets are coming off a crucifying loss to the powerful New Orleans Saints while the Dolphins finally snapped a 3-game losing streak, beating the Bills at home. I think this could be a lot closer than people believe it will be, but how do I know that? My prediction… Jets 27 – Dolphins 13

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