Thoughts on Sports (10/22/09)

Had a few thoughts on my mind!
Had a few thoughts on my mind!

Had a great day of classes, but couldn’t concentrate. Had a few burning thoughts about the sports world in my head, which is why I decided to blog.

The New England Patriots are headed to London for a game against the winless Tampa Bay Buccaneers, should I make a prediction now? I’ll wait for another day, but doesn’t this seem weird, the Patriots in London and playing football? Not soccer, but American football to be exact. Seems strange to me. The past two games both NFC teams, (Giants and Saints) won, so will the tradition continue again this year for the NFC? We will have to wait and see.

Are you enjoying the MLB 2009 Playoffs? I doubt it, unless you are a New York Yankees fan. I am sure not caring one bit. Ever since the Boston Red Sox were eliminated, I have tuned off baseball and said hello to college football. In fact, the ALCS and NLCS have not been exciting one bit, but that’s just my opinion. Although if you consider what has occurred, two teams are great and two are not. Yet, is it somewhat funny that both teams with Los Angeles at the beginning combine currently for 2 wins?

Do you think Manny enjoyed the playoffs?
Do you think Manny enjoyed the playoffs?

How about those umpire the other evening in Anaheim. Looked like myself back in the day umpping softball in the suburbs. Of course I was very lenient and wanted the young sluggers to enjoy their time on the diamond, but wow, quite a good amount of mistakes were made that left the Sothern California faithful quite confused and upset. If the Angles indeed fall to the Yankees this evening, should we blame the MLB Umpire crew for the entire series?

Who is ready for some basketball? I am and for some reason this year, I am super excited to see the Boston Celtics back in action! Did it seem that last nights contest against King James’s royal family, (a.k.a. the Cleveland Cavaliers); was just a warm up for next Tuesday season opener or just another chapter in this heated rival? Either way, I am expecting Tuesday night to be somewhat of a classic. Last year the Celtics defeated the Cavs at home, as well as unveiled banner number 17, so I am sure this year things may seem different.

How about those pesky Pittsburgh Penguins, just dominating the world of the NHL. Aren’t they just the true meaning of champions? Do you think Sydney Crosby or Evgeni Malkin eat Wheaties every morning? I sure hope so because this team is on fire. ESPN ranks them the number one team over the other 7-1 squad, New York Rangers.

Finally how do you think Terrelle Pryor, the quarterback of the Ohio State Buckeyes felt when answering a call from the LeBron James? How would you answer the phone if the “chosen one” called you? I bet Pryor was excited and anxious to hear how James goes about his celebrity life and how Pryor should follow in his foot steps with possibly a 60-minutes interview and a State Farm commercial for the Cleveland Browns.

Those are my thoughts, have a great rest of your Thursday!

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