How Good are the New Orleans Saints?

Drew Brees has been awesome this season, but can he continue this success?

With Thanksgiving 2009 in the books and Black Friday literally complete on the East Coast, I thought I would take some time to not discuss yesterday’s three awful, pathetic and un-enjoyable NFL games, but look ahead to Monday evening’s marquee match-up between the New Orleans Saints and New England Patriots.

When the 2009 NFL schedule was released, I literally circled this particular game. I told everyone I knew that this would be the game of the season, but little did I know my prediction was going to be correct.

I know the Saints are a very talented team, but with a record of 10-0, I just wonder, how good is this particular squad? Are they the best team in football or is this just a big fat, no good, rotten joke?

Beginning the 2009 season, the New Orleans Saints took on two sub-par and below .500 teams, the Detroit Lions and Buffalo Bills. Now don’t get me wrong, but when I saw Drew Brees torch the Lions secondary, my jaw literally touched the kitchen floor. He threw 6-touchdowns that game and I believe someone in the media world wanted to hand Brees the 2009 MVP trophy following his week-1 performance. Sounds like a great plan, why don’t we hand him a super bowl ring too?

Two weeks later against the Buffalo Bills, the Saints slowly began to show every NFL fan that maybe, just maybe, they aren’t that powerful or the best squad. They struggled to take an early lead against a Bills team that was still recuperating from their week 1 hic-up against the New England Patriots. The Bills throughout this game seemed poised and ready to stop the Saints, especially when trailing at halftime, 10-7, but instead, the winds and fortunes of Ralph Wilson Stadium blew in the direction of the black and gold. The Saints 17-points in the 4th quarter possibly shows that being held out of the end zone for two strait quarters means the Saints are indeed beatable and not the best team.

Believe it or not, half of the games the Saints played in so far have either a 3 or 0 in the box score for various quarters. Against the New York Jets and Atlanta Falcons the Saints were unsuccessful in punching in a touchdown in the 3rd quarter and when facing the St. Louis Rams and Carolina Panthers, they were unable to put points on the board in the opening quarter or get off to their usual roaring start.

So what does this all mean?

Simply, the Saints are beatable, but lets not forget that Drew Brees is a top-3 quarterback in the league, Sean Payton is still establishing himself as a quality head coach and Greg Williams has not been calling the plays on defense for even one year. The offense has been spectacular, putting up loads of points in the past few games, especially against the Buccaneers, but when putting pressure on Brees is when the Saints falls off the tracks.

Does Sean Payton deserve all the credit this season?

As for the Saints defense, they have allowed close to 20 points a game, roughly 330 overall yards of offense and nearly 115 yards on the ground. Their defense has improved this season, but as of recently, cannot always be trusted.

I admire the fact that all Saints fans are acting exuberated, but having a 10-0 record doesn’t mean anything at the moment unless these players and coaches are holding a Vince Lombardi Trophy in the air. Being undefeated is great, but in this modern day losing sometimes can teach more than winning. The Saints 2009 season has been wild and crazy at times, but also very nerve-racking too. Squeaking by the Panthers, Dolphins and Rams shows they do have flaws and once again, are not the best team.

All in all, Monday night’s contest will be a great one, but just remember, the Saints are not an amazing 10-0 team and certainly are beatable.

LeBron James in the NFL?


Should LeBron James play NFL football?



First it was Glenn Davis on the Boston Celtics who approached NFL commissioner Roger Goodell about playing football when he finishes his basketball career, but now, LeBron James? Yes folks, LeBron James indeed wants to play football for his hometown Cleveland Browns and I totally disagree with this decision.

Could you imagine James playing football? I know he played in high school, but could he translate his success from the hardwood to the green grass of Cleveland Browns Stadium? I doubt it!

Football is a much more of an aggressive sport than basketball and would James like to be hit numerous times at all different angles? He is a terrific athlete and admired by many, but seriously LeBron, do you really think that you and only you would change the faith of the Cleveland Browns this season or in the future?

With this question up for debate, how silly does it seem that even head coach Eric Mangini is somewhat on board with the possibility of having LeBron join his team? He told reporters today, according to the associated press, “I think he should come on down.”

Whether or not that State Farm Insurance commercial from played a part in making this decision, I say that James should remain in the NBA and that’s final!


Patriots fall to Colts/Lose ground in AFC race

NFL Spying

Belichick was sure not happy after watching Manning and the Colts score 35 points.

It was like the final scene of Friday Night Lights, when the Panthers came up one yard short to lose the 1988 Dallas High School football Championship. It was like the final seconds in a backyard football game, throw the winning touchdown and supper would taste just somewhat sweeter, but you failed to do that simple task too.

In the end last night was nothing special or worth smiling about this morning. Allowing 21 points in the final quarter is not anything to be proud of especially since the New England Patriots had a 34-21 lead with 2:30 remaining the fourth quarter. Yet, following some incredibly soft defense, as well as throwing the ball to the wrong Brady-target on fourth down, Kevin Faulk, the Patriots easily handed the Colts their ninth win of the season, as well as the keys to the driver seat in the AFC conference.

Could we say Manning was lucky and that the Colts escaped a possible big loss? Yes we can! Can we say that Coach Hoodie, a.k.a. Belichick did an awful job coaching in the final five minutes? Yes we can! Should we say that this game would definitely haunt the New England Patriots when looking back a few months from now? Yes we can!

With what would have been a huge plus, as well as some momentum going forward, the Patriots shot themselves in the foot, laid a big fat egg and now will have to most likely return to Lucas Oil Stadium in January en route to another chance of capturing their fourth Super Bowl title in Miami.