Patriots fall to Colts/Lose ground in AFC race

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Belichick was sure not happy after watching Manning and the Colts score 35 points.

It was like the final scene of Friday Night Lights, when the Panthers came up one yard short to lose the 1988 Dallas High School football Championship. It was like the final seconds in a backyard football game, throw the winning touchdown and supper would taste just somewhat sweeter, but you failed to do that simple task too.

In the end last night was nothing special or worth smiling about this morning. Allowing 21 points in the final quarter is not anything to be proud of especially since the New England Patriots had a 34-21 lead with 2:30 remaining the fourth quarter. Yet, following some incredibly soft defense, as well as throwing the ball to the wrong Brady-target on fourth down, Kevin Faulk, the Patriots easily handed the Colts their ninth win of the season, as well as the keys to the driver seat in the AFC conference.

Could we say Manning was lucky and that the Colts escaped a possible big loss? Yes we can! Can we say that Coach Hoodie, a.k.a. Belichick did an awful job coaching in the final five minutes? Yes we can! Should we say that this game would definitely haunt the New England Patriots when looking back a few months from now? Yes we can!

With what would have been a huge plus, as well as some momentum going forward, the Patriots shot themselves in the foot, laid a big fat egg and now will have to most likely return to Lucas Oil Stadium in January en route to another chance of capturing their fourth Super Bowl title in Miami.

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