LeBron James in the NFL?


Should LeBron James play NFL football?



First it was Glenn Davis on the Boston Celtics who approached NFL commissioner Roger Goodell about playing football when he finishes his basketball career, but now, LeBron James? Yes folks, LeBron James indeed wants to play football for his hometown Cleveland Browns and I totally disagree with this decision.

Could you imagine James playing football? I know he played in high school, but could he translate his success from the hardwood to the green grass of Cleveland Browns Stadium? I doubt it!

Football is a much more of an aggressive sport than basketball and would James like to be hit numerous times at all different angles? He is a terrific athlete and admired by many, but seriously LeBron, do you really think that you and only you would change the faith of the Cleveland Browns this season or in the future?

With this question up for debate, how silly does it seem that even head coach Eric Mangini is somewhat on board with the possibility of having LeBron join his team? He told reporters today, according to the associated press, “I think he should come on down.”

Whether or not that State Farm Insurance commercial from played a part in making this decision, I say that James should remain in the NBA and that’s final!


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