A December to Remember

Will Romo Lead the Cowboys to the Playoffs or will Dallas end the 2009 season early again?

Don’t ask Tony Romo what month it is because he clearly knows. Don’t even consider asking Dallas Cowboy’s owner Jerry Jones if he is optimistic about his teams chances during the month of December because it is an almost guarantee that they he will state something along the lines of … his team can and will win.

Unfortunately for Dallas and its fans, December has never been the month to get excited about or remember. It is quite possible that in Texas there are only 11 months of the year, not 12, but that is just a guess.

Ever since quarterback Tony Romo took over calling plays, mid-way through the 2006 season, the Cowboys have struggled immensely during the 12th month of year and combine for 5 wins and 10 loses, which is certainly not anything special. Romo’s emotions have gotten the best of him at times, the defense seems to get derailed and nothing seems to go right for this entire organization.

Cowboys games in December remind us of Charlie Brown playing football

When watching any Cowboy’s game over the past few years during the month of December it just seems as if we are watching constant replays of Charlie Brown attempting to kick the football over and over again.

Last year the Cowboys had a golden opportunity to earn a few “W’s” in the win column and secure a playoff spot, but instead they fell apart. In 2007, the story was more about winning 13 games and in 2006 nothing was going in favor of the Big Tuna, (Bill Parcells), Tony Romo or newly acquired wide-out Terrell Owens. The Cowboys even lost on Christmas Day in 2006, so I am guessing Santa thought coal was what his least favorite team deserved that day.

So then why do they struggle in December? Why is it that the Cowboys seem to lose their first half momentum during this month? Should we blame every loss on Romo? Do the coaches deserve the blame? Who do you think we should point the finger at in this organization? Overall, why do the Cowboys always lose in December?

It is quite possible that they just run out of steam. The motivation is lost completely. No swagger is on display and I could continue to state various thoughts or reasons, but that won’t help with coming up with an answer. The Cowboys seem to have this mental block and always know that after Thanksgiving they are not supposed to win a single game in December. If they do win it is possibly luck, faith or just the fact that they out schemed their opponent, but once again, wins don’t come often for Dallas at this time of the year.

With the 2009 regular season just weeks away from being complete and two of the remaining kickoffs scheduled in December, what should we expect? Should we plan for the worse or possibly bet on the Boys? I say, lets be optimistic! Look at the glass half full rather than half empty. Don’t assume the usual will happen, which some may believe has already begun.

The Cowboys are 8-5 and once again in prime playoff position, but can they hold onto the last wildcard spot this time. All three of their opponents, (New Orleans Saints, Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles) will want to embarrass the Boys and reenact week 17 of the 2008 season when they were humiliated by their biggest and most hated rival, the Philadelphia Eagles, 44-6. Each team will do everything to make Romo uncomfortable, stop the three-headed running attack of Marion Barber, Felix Jones and Tashard Choice, as well as rip apart the defense.

All three of these teams are capable of adding more frustration to Dallas’s December resume, but clearly this season all relies now on every single player on this 53-man roster. Romo knows it is time to start playing, quit jabbing and making excuses. Roy Williams has fired up the media with his comments and all the players know the bookies are betting against them. So clearly it all comes down to one thing, which is will Dallas decide to play or pack it in for another season?

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