Should the NBA Allow Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Eve Games?

Van Gundy may want to ask Santa for his non-NBA game wish!

Happy Holidays again and hopefully everyone had a wonderful Christmas, although I doubt Orlando Magic Head Coach Stan Van Gundy did.

Following a loss to the Boston Celtics, Van Gundy expressed strong negative views toward having or even allowing the NBA to feature the rising stars or legendary teams play during important family holidays.

I can understand that he had to have been incredibly frustrated or possibly aggravated with his teams play, as well as losing to the Boston Celtics, (possibly a new rival in the Eastern Conference), but is it necessary to lash out? Seriously Stan, having a few games on Christmas, New Years Eve and Thanksgiving is truly enjoyable for many fans of the NBA and not a waste of anyone’s time.

The holidays have changed drastically over the past few decades and may not be the same routines our parents experienced, but there is nothing more enjoyable after shoveling delicious food inside yourself to sit back, relax and watch some professional basketball.

Between this Christmas and last year’s, I have enjoyed sitting down in my favorite comfortable chair and watching the Celtics play against the Lakers and Magic.

Being an avid Celtics and basketball fan I have enjoyed viewing these particular games and clearly feel if the NBA were to have featured Oklahoma City Thunder vs. New Jersey Nets, I would certainly not waste my time, but as long as the NBA continues to schedule the Celtics against the Magic, Lakers and Cavaliers, I will watch!

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