A Terrible Weekend of NFL Football

Two more Sunday’s remain on tap for sitting back, relaxing and watching pigskin, but if you include the Pro Bowl in Miami, a week before Super Bowl XLIV, then there are three more weeks of the 2009 NFL season.

This past weekend, pretty much could be summed up as awful, pathetic, terrible and disgraceful. Three games did not live up to the hype, especially the Dallas Cowboys-Minnesota Vikings contest, but the New York Jets-San Diego Chargers game seemed somewhat out of place compared to the other three smack-downs.

Rex Ryan's talk has been a major reason for the Jets success this Post Season

New York Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan has already told an assortment of media outlets that he is excited, not about his parade route that has been drafted, but getting the chance to meet Mr. Barack Obama.

Down in the Bayou, New Orleans to be specific, the Saints steamrolled over the Arizona Cardinals, 45-14 and now many are wondering if that was the final bow for Kurt Warner. The Cardinals clearly were gassed from their high-flying circus act, which resulted in an overtime win, 51-45 over Green Bay during the wild-card round. They had no energy, swagger or anything in the tank … simply they looked dreadful!

Reggie Bush clearly looked super, Drew Brees and the offense picked up where they started in week 1, when they trounced the Detroit Lions, and even Greg Williams defense looked mentally prepared for a change.

As for the Ravens and Cowboys, they simply just didn’t rollover their wild-card performances minutes, (AT&T reference) and were like the Cardinals against the Saints … confused and clueless.

Yet, as I mentioned above, one good game, not totally great was the Jets-Chargers game. I would imagine that all the talking radio-heads in “America’s Finest City” is calling for Nate Kaeding’s walking papers. Kaeding, similar to former Dallas Cowboys kicker, Nick Folk and Houston Texans Kris Brown showed national audiences this fall that they are terrible under pressure or when the light is shinning solely on them.

Every member of the Charger’s team knew that once again they laid an egg. Did this game have any parallels to when the New England Patriots beat them in 2006?

Could the Jets become the next underdog team to spoil a favorite?

What the New York “Football” Jets have accomplished this post-season seems rather familiar to many. Remember when the New York Giants, a second place team in the NFC East in 2007 were written off by many, but won three straight playoff road games, as well as ended the New England Patriots march toward perfection in Super Bowl XLII?

New York, you may get yourself another parade, but sadly this may means the state that is hated by many Bostonians, primarily for their sports teams, could become “Title-Town USA,” especially because they already celebrated a Yankees World Series Championship this past fall.

Lets keep our fingers crossed for a more appealing, dramatic, and edge of your seat match-up this weekend for both conference championships.

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