Mash It Up!

Happy Monday everyone and here is hoping that we all had a wonderful and even dramatic weekend, (you know what I am talking about, USA-Canada).

Waking up this morning, didn’t we all feel great? Yes, Ryan Miller did his best impression of Jim Craig, stopping pucks from the Russians, excuse me, Canadians and clearly acted as the anchor in a 5-3 win. Yet, I did enjoy Ryan Kessler’s open netter with less than a minute to play, such an awesome final moment.

How about Vince Wilfork having the franchise-tag slapped to his back today, what are your thoughts? This hasn’t worked out well in the past for the New England Patriots. Remember Adam “Automatic” and Asante “Pay Me” Samuels? What happened to them following the “Tag” … anyone know? Oh that’s right, they left Beantown and found themselves two new homes, so here’s hoping, Christmas 2010 comes early for Vince and his agent.

What are the chances that Dice-K will be healthy in April?

Who do you expect to be either sidelined or glued to the bench come April … Dice-K, David Ortiz or Nate Robinson?

So the MLS may have a lockout, are you serious? We all want to watch MLS soccer here in the USA and would be deeply upset if we had to settle with March Madness, NBA/NHL Playoffs, Golf and maybe local high school track and field.

How about Tim Tebow planning to show off a new grip and throwing motion for this upcoming NFL draft, sounds interesting to me, but not too intriguing. Tebow was not impressive in the Senior Bowl, but will he really look like a better quarterback from this new grip? I say, “NOT AT ALL,” but we shall see!

So apparently USA Olympic skier, Lindsey Vonn has some feelings for Tiger Woods, but not an affectionate one of course, yet instead, some advice. Vonn wants to go on Saturday Night Live (SNL) and give a press conference of her own, similar to Tiger’s, which won’t include multiple apologies, but plenty of crafty wise ideas toward Tiger and his major problem toward women. I would love to see this happen, especially since Vonn has become the newest heartthrob amongst many media members and young men in America, so when do the Olympics conclude?

To conclude this mash-up, I am super excited about the upcoming March Madness tournament, yet was very unhappy when I read an interesting piece in  Sports Illustrated that discussed the possibility of changing 65 teams to 96. There were some great points made, but seriously, lets keep it at 65 because otherwise, March Madness will be as bad as the BCS  and we all know how much everyone adores the BCS!

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