Reflecting on Cornell-Kentucky

Cornell tried, but were unsuccessful at attempting to conquer Kentucky

Sports are a very fascinating. You never know who will win or what the final outcome will be, which makes every game special.

Of course we all know that each team or player needs to show up to the specific arena and be prepared for action. Yet, while we all love watching games, sports can actually teach us valuable lessons­.

From watching last nights Cornell-Kentucky sweet sixteen match-up, I learned a great deal about this Big Red team. Not only are they a group of talented individuals who excel in the classroom, but they are also a group of resilient athletes too.

They were not favored or considered a lock in this specific contest. They were geared up and excited, but I bet even the casual fan thought that this rag tag bunch of college kids from Ithaca, New York, would not beat John Calipari’s teams of future NBA studs.

They had to be nervous, extremely nervous, heck they were on national television. Bars and parties were showing this game. It was streamed online and people were watching it in the library, on their iPhones, at the office or even in the comforts of suburban households.

Cornell was the center of the universe last night and everyone, especially in the Northeast became a fan of the Big Red. Indeed it would have been an amazing victory or one of those stories you would regale for years and years if Kentucky had lost, but something came out of this game that is important for everyone to understand. The message was clear and it was never give up on your dreams or goals.

Cornell was a team that possibly many had losing in round one against Temple or eventually Wisconsin. Fans didn’t expect to see the Big Red in the sweet sixteen, but they were there last night. They tried, tried, and tried again, but Kentucky was just too physical, fast and athletic. It had to be demoralizing at times, especially how Big Blue went on a 30-6 run to end the first half.

John Wall was pressured by the Cornell Defense, but still led the Wildcats to victory

I bet it had to be awful allowing dunks or NBA highlights occur, but Cornell hung with these guys.

Kentucky is obviously a great team, but they are indeed beatable. Everyone is beatable. One bad night, bad play, bad shot or bad pass can translate into losses or eliminations.

Yet, while Kentucky strolls onward to the Elite Eight, Cornell has left me with the impression that anyone can hang with the “Big Boys.”

I advise you to clearly think about a goal or passion you have and to do everything in your power to pursue it. Cornell will be on my mind today, tomorrow and the day after that, but seriously, use this story to consider that goals are achievable.

Besides, even Will Smith made it clear in the film The Pursuit of Happiness that everyone who wants to be successful knows hard work and effort will pay off, which was similar to Cornell’s story.

You got a dream… You gotta protect it. People can’t do somethin’ themselves, they wanna tell you, you can’t do it. If you want somethin’, go get it. Period.”

So, take it from me, Cornell has taught us all a lesson, don’t give up and realize that no dream is too small to conquer. Everyone who is passionate about something should go out and pursue their dream. Besides, Cornell truly showed the nation that even the smart ones know a thing or two about the game of hoops.

Underdog Special: Pick Cornell

Cornell Will Have Their Hands Full Against the current favorite Kentucky

Get plenty of rest this evening.

We have a showdown that will require some watching on Thursday, so step aside The Office and 30-Rock because it is Cornell vs. Kentucky in what may say seems like a cake-walk or just a no-brainer, but think again smarty-pants because I am picking the underdog in this contest.

My bracket is completely busted. I, along with many Americans, including President Obama, chose the University of Kansas Jay Hawks to hoist the NCAA 2009-2010 Championship Trophy in Hoosier territory (Indianapolis), but that pick fell apart like a sloppy ice-cream sundae on a warm summer day.

Watching Northern Iowa University’s basketball team jump around as if it was MTV Spring Break in Oklahoma City made me sick, but also brought a tear to my eye.

I just cannot win or pick the correct teams to succeed when it comes to March Madness basketball, but after an exciting weekend that featured some dramatic endings, I am turning my fan-hood faith to the underdogs and double-digit seeds.

I think Duke and Syracuse will make it to Indianapolis next weekend, but what about Cornell or Northern Iowa? Do these non-powerhouse colleges have a chance to bust even more brackets? I believe they will!

Northern Iowa maybe a stretch, but after watching Cornell dominate Temple and out physical a well-rounded University of Wisconsin squad, how can you not give the Big Red of Ithaca a chance? Come on, the Wisconsin game was over faster than Homestar Runner pronouncing, “marshmallow.”

Cornell has faced a good deal of Top 25 candidates during this past season, as well as almost knocked off the University of Kansas in January. So please, can someone tell me why we cannot pick Cornell tomorrow evening to trample over John Calipari’s Wildcats?

In honor of my mother and sister, I am picking Cornell to beat the University of Kentucky! Yes, I said it; they will win tomorrow evening, so get ready Big Red Nation because this one should be a good one.

March Madness- Round 1 Reaction

President Obama fills out his bracket, which hopefully isn't busted yet!

How’s your bracket looking?

Wanting the Major League Baseball season to begin as soon as possible?

Wishing you had picked Gonzaga over Florida State?

Didn’t believe the Cornell Big Red could field a team of smarties?

I have to admit that my bracket looks like a professor went to town with their red marker, but overall, who hasn’t enjoyed this tournament?

I love the early overtime thrillers, which featured BYU and Villanova pulling out the “W.”

I love the last second three-pointers, especially between Florida State-Gonzaga and Michigan State-New Mexico State.

I haven’t even watched a single number one seed game, but peeked Kansas’s warm-up contest against number sixteen Lehigh.

The best part of March Madness is that no matter what, the drama, hype and excitement lives on. Sports will never be scripted, which makes March Madness fun, enjoyable, but also exuberating.

With round 1 slowly in the books for 2010, I recommend everyone refuel, get some water in your body and save those voices for this weekend because I am predicting two or three more underdog teams to advance to the sweet sixteen!