March Madness- Round 1 Reaction

President Obama fills out his bracket, which hopefully isn't busted yet!

How’s your bracket looking?

Wanting the Major League Baseball season to begin as soon as possible?

Wishing you had picked Gonzaga over Florida State?

Didn’t believe the Cornell Big Red could field a team of smarties?

I have to admit that my bracket looks like a professor went to town with their red marker, but overall, who hasn’t enjoyed this tournament?

I love the early overtime thrillers, which featured BYU and Villanova pulling out the “W.”

I love the last second three-pointers, especially between Florida State-Gonzaga and Michigan State-New Mexico State.

I haven’t even watched a single number one seed game, but peeked Kansas’s warm-up contest against number sixteen Lehigh.

The best part of March Madness is that no matter what, the drama, hype and excitement lives on. Sports will never be scripted, which makes March Madness fun, enjoyable, but also exuberating.

With round 1 slowly in the books for 2010, I recommend everyone refuel, get some water in your body and save those voices for this weekend because I am predicting two or three more underdog teams to advance to the sweet sixteen!

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