MLB 2010 Season Preview: American League

AL East:

1.) New York Yankees: Lets admit it Sox fans, the Yankees are great, but are they better than the Sox? Age could catch up to this team, but coming off their 27th World Series victory, they will be a team to watch this spring, summer and fall. Also, I like this pitching rotation to continue to succeed and shut down the weaker, as well as tougher opponents.

Jon Lackey will have to perform at his best for the Sox this season.

2.) Boston Red Sox: The Sox will compete, but still a variety of questions remain. Can David Ortiz come out of the gates swinging for the fence? Will Mike Lowell remain in Boston? How will the recent acquisitions adjust to Fenway Park? Will Lackey improve his Northeastern record? The Sox will compete for the division, but I do not know if they have an offense that can challenge the Bronx Bombers come August and September.

3.) Tampa Bay Rays: This squad is still the “Devil” Rays to me, so fine me a $1 Florida! The young squad will continue to challenge the Sox and Yankees, but I don’t see this team finishing higher than second or third place.

4.) Baltimore Orioles: The O’s are headed in the right direction, but still time will tell how this squad will be in the coming years. I like their pitching, but again, offense is the major concern. Can Julio Lugo be a spark plug? We shall see!

5.) Toronto Blue Jays: This team is just down right pathetic. They are awful all over the place, as well as gave up the greatest pitcher in baseball, Roy Halladay. Sorry Canada, stick with hockey because I think that is the best bet for now.

AL Central:

1.) Minnesota Twins: I am picking the Twinkies to rule this division. Great pitching, as well as some young studs will make the Twins a competitive squad to beat. Also, lets keep our fingers crossed for no snow in Minneapolis because there is a new stadium in the “Twin City” these days. Also, is this possibly another team for Brett Favre to join after another fake retirement this Summer?

2.) Chicago White Sox: The Windy City needs some love, which is why I am picking them to finish second. I love Peavey and Danks to lead this squad in pitching, as well as a young offense to gel. The White Sox could possibly be a dark horse, so watch out Minnesota and Detroit, the Sox are coming for you!

3.) Detroit Tigers: Still a team that needs to discover their true identity, but also a squad that has talent and a great deal of depth. The acquisition of Johnny Damon will most likely do nothing, yet, we shall see if the Tigers can come together as one, as well as challenge the Twins and Sox.

Could Greinke be a key player again for the Royals?

4.) Cleveland Indians/ Kansas City Royals: Both of these two teams will be basement squads, but will steal some wins from the Sox, Twins, and Tigers all season. I would not call either of them spoilers, but if I were to pick a better squad, I like where the Royals are headed. Sorry Cleveland, you may want to see if LeBron could play for you after his NBA Championship appearance in June. Besides, didn’t he want to play for the Browns too?

AL West:

1.) Seattle Mariners: I like the M’s in a terrible division. Off-season acquisitions have improved this squad all around. Great pitching on paper that needs to deliver on an every day basis, as well as an offense that will cause nightmares for opposing managers. I like the M’s to win this division in middle of September and Ken Griffey Jr. to have 10-15 homeruns in possibly his final year in the major’s.

2.) Los Angles of Anaheim Angels: Okay California, please decide which city or location the Angels represent, this is driving me bonkers! Losing key players will hurt the Halo’s, as well as their pitching staff too. Also, is anyone sticking around past the 7th inning anymore? The Angels will compete in this weaker division with the M’s, but won’t make the playoffs come October of 2010, unless they trade for hitting or pitching.

I sure hope Griffey has a healthy, happy and fun season in Seattle!

3.) Texas Rangers: Texas is one of those teams in the MLB that is either a player or a few young prospects away from making a run toward a championship. Sadly, I think the “Lone Star” state might want to focus on their Dallas Mavericks and Cowboys because they are the two top dogs that rule Texas.

4.) Oakland Athletics: Just an awful team. They make college squads that are lousy look good. I don’t see the A’s doing anything special this season, but finishing in 4th place. Yet, didn’t Oakland rule the sports world in the late 20th century? Also, how are the Raiders doing these days?

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