Eli Manning is Just Not That Good!

An Unhappy Eli Manning on NFL Draft Day 2004

In case you have been living under a rock or too cool enough to listen to my weekly podcast, Noontime Sports the Podcast, then you missed an interesting ending segment from this past week. Andy Lindberg and myself decided to debate the topic of how talented and gifted Eli Manning is in the NFL and if he is a true stud or a possible Hall of Famer.

Allow me to list a few reasons that make him not that good of a quarterback/player in my book and how he is just an ordinary scrub that will always remain in his father and brother’s shadow for the rest of his career and life.

1.) Draft Day Meltdown: We all have to remember the speculation leading up to the 2004 NFL Draft. I remember where I was, what I was doing and who surrounded me when the first pick of the San Diego Chargers was Eli Manning. Walking on stage, how did one not notice Manning holding back tears? Hey Eli, you were drafted into the NFL … can’t you be somewhat happy?

Luckily for young Eli, Daddy was around to help. Eli cried, complained and asked for a bottle from Mrs. Manning, but by the end of the day, Manning had gotten his wish, to be shipped from the Chargers to the New York Giants.

From this particular first day on the job, I made a vow that I would not respect Manning for acting completely childish on national television or be a fan of him.

2.) 2004 Regular Season: The Giants were terrible in 2004, 6-10 overall, but luckily Manning did earn some playing time and captured one win against the Dallas Cowboys in Week 17, (GROAN!!).

The victory, not the prettiest, especially how he only beat the Lone Star State Cowboys, 28-24, but Manning earned some confidence after losing 6 games beforehand.

Sure, Manning received so much attention for having Peyton’s same last name on the back of his jersey, but a rocky seven games proved to the New York Media, Eli was just an ordinary rookie who would live in his brother’s shadow for the remainder of his NFL years.

Eli Manning seems to always struggle and never succeed

3.) Inconsistency: Manning showed the world that unlike his brother, he was pretty inconsistent. Throwing the same amount of touchdowns as interceptions against a stingy 2005 Arizona Cardinals defense didn’t prove to me that Eli was going to be amazing in his first official season as the man who called the shots under center.

Eli continued to struggle and show that he would never be that good of a quarterback, but also continue to display inconsistency every Sunday.

See, even after a total of 8 games and two seasons with the New York Giants under his belt, Eli looked like one of those rookies that didn’t even know what sport he was participating in or the object of the game. Can someone please name me a game where Manning was consistent? He never seems to impress and always seems to make costly mistakes or errors, as well as falls apart often.

4.) Peyton Manning’s First Super Bowl: After so many early playoff losses, the Indianapolis Colts had made it to their first title against the Chicago Bears. All week, everyone kept praising Peyton and how great he was in the NFL and if he were to win, which Hall of Famer should he be compared to. Manning received all the attention, but again, similar to other years, kept Eli in his shadow.

Once the Colts had secured the victory in Super Bowl XLI, Manning had acquired his first ring in his professional career. It had taken quite a great deal of time to earn his first Lombardi trophy and a Super Bowl ring, but after this game, it was assured by many analysts, Peyton was so much better than Eli, hands down.

5.) Brother vs. Brother: Okay, so I have given a few reasons about Eli, but what about Peyton, isn’t he pretty good? Lets face it, we all, even as Patriots fan, know that Peyton is better than Eli. Peyton has broken records, led his team to divisional crowns, and knows what he needs to secure a victory for the Colts every Sunday.

This past season, (2009), Peyton truly did show how he has more leadership than Eli. Although we do see both brothers constantly yelling at the large men who protect them throughout each contest, Peyton just knows how to pick apart defenses and Eli … well he does not.

It bothers me, even when I play the various Madden video games that Peyton has to march up to the line of scrimmage and call about 10 plays until he has chosen the correct one against the specific defensive formation he sees, but the reason is because he is a true student of this game. Eli is clearly not a student or even serious half the time when he plays. I mean, who would win in a screaming match? My guess … Peyton.

6.) Super Bowl XLII: Lets face it, Andy Lindberg loved explaining how Super Bowl XLII possibly made him decide what a great player Eli Manning was from watching this horrific contest as a Patriots fan.

The only reason Tom Brady and the rest of the New England Patriots lost was because of the New York Giants front seven! End of story!

Putting pressure on Brady and that entire offensive line was clearly what allowed the Giants to win this game. The Giants defense wanted this one so much more than the Patriots did, but the various plays, such as an Eli Manning floating touchdown pass to Plaxico Burress, which took the lead for good or escaping the rush in the pocket doesn’t make a certain player Canton bound.

Heck, I can scramble like that too when I play backyard football and Cowboys fans, remember when Tony Romo avoided a 20-yard loss following a terrible snap and ran 30-yards to pick up a first down against the St. Louis Rams? Does that mean he is Hall of Fame bound for his spectacular run?

Andy, just because one play may have convinced you that Eli Manning is a great or decent quarterback is complete hogwash!

All in all, I hope these ideas help prove my theory that Eli Manning is simply just an ordinary quarterback that makes bad decisions, throws a good amount of interceptions, as well as someone that will always be third in line to Peyton and Archie.

Sorry Andy Lindberg, but it just seems from my evidence above, Eli is not that great of a quarterback.

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  • Okay, you are obviously an Eli Manning hater. You list all the bad things he’s done, but what about the records he’s broken? The TWO super bowl rings he has? You say he’s inconsist, yet he is nothing but consistant. You said his rookie year he went 1-6, well lets talk about Peyton’s rookie year, he went 3-13. Now you say he pretty much got “lucky” with the super bowl 42 win. Manning went 19-of-34 passes for 255 yards and two touchdowns. Hmm… sounds pretty damn good to me. Lets look at what Eli Manning has done so far in his career, shall we?

    Record as a starting quarterback is 60-43 (.583) in the regular season and 4-3 (.571) in the postseason. The 60 victories are the 2nd-most by a Giants quarterback since the Giants Stadium era began in 1976. Simms won 95 games from 1979-93. Manning is 46-30 against the NFC and 14-13 vs. the AFC. He is 23-16 in NFC East games, 30-22 at home and 30-21 on the road.

    Manning has thrown for over 3,000 yards for the past 6 seasons! The only other two quarterbacks to do that is Peyton Manning and Drew Brees. His 31 touchdown passes were the league’s 4th-highest total in 2010.

    He has the NFL record for most touchdown passes in the 4th quarter with 15. Manning had 62 pass plays of 20 or more yards in 2009, which left them tied for 5th in the NFL.

    He’s been voted to 2 pro-bowls and has 2 MVP awards.

    Eli is 31, when Peyton was 31 his stats where lower then Eli’s. I can keep going with so many stats but if you ask me, not only is he a great elite NFL quarterback, but he is a sure fit to be in the hall of fame one day. I believe he will finish his career with 3 super bowl rings and stat’s better then his brothers.

    Quote on draft day by Peyton Manning “If you think I’m good, wait until you see my brother”

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