A Rainy Boston Sports Weekend

Tell me about a strange, wacky, yet fall-like weekend and I am alluding to this past one. While it was freezing cold on Friday, raining off and on Saturday, as well as sunny and rainy today… I couldn’t think of a better name than to call this past weekend … a typical New England Wacky Weather Weekend!

Lester and the Sox were damp, wet and unhappy this weekend!

Those Damp Sox: Does anyone else agree that this years Boston Red Sox team is going to possibly be the laughing stock of Major League Baseball? Two World Series Championships in the first decade of the new millennium kept myself and other Sox supports intrigued, but now in our second decade of the 2000’s I have come to an early conclusion that the 2010 Sox look horrendous, awful and incredibly pathetic.

Count me in for some Legion High School/College baseball this summer because those games should and possibly be more enjoyable. Yet, I did believe from the beginning of April, even March and February too of this past calendar year that the Sox would have an extremely off year. They have great pitching, but terrible hitting and run support.

My girlfriend told me the Chicago Cubs are terrible, (being from the Chicago area), but how about the Boston Red Sox? They look downright AWFUL!! I would bet that the Cubs have a better chance of winning more games than the Sox or possibly finishing second compared to the local nine.

All in all, this past weekend against the Tampa Bay “Devil” Rays, (fine me that $1 Florida), exhibited that the Sox will not be competitors this entire season, but a bunch of fakers.

Claude Julien and the Bruins return 1-1 against Buffalo Monday

All Tied Up: In case you didn’t read the Boston Globe this morning, it reported that the Boston Bruins have tied up their first round Stanley Cup playoff series against the Buffalo Sabres, 1-1.

Didn’t this “Big-Bad” Bruins team struggle all year? Couldn’t put points in the board or find someone that knew how to place the puck in some twine? Was attacked by the injury bug? Just seemed not worthy of skating in the NHL? Acted incredibly lazy?

The Bruins looked amazing people, amazing! I couldn’t re-call seeing them so energized this entire 2009-2010 season, excluding the Fenway Walk-Off, but wow … JUST WOW… I think the Bruins may actually prove me wrong and win this series!

That’s right, I called it everyone, the Bruins will win this series in Boston on April 26, 2010. Mark it down; good old Noontime has predicted the Bruins to skate onward to round 2!

Grumpy Old Men: All season, everyone has doubted the Green and White. They have repeatedly stated that Doc River’s bunch of rag tag old school basketball legends cannot and will not win their 18th NBA Championship this season.

Excuse me, but allow me to introduce you to the fifth member of the “New Big 5,” Tony Allen. Mr. Allen, not Ray Allen, played exceptionally well last night, as well as Glenn Davis too, (Big Baby). The Celtics looked similar to the Boston Bruins, rejuvenated and confident bunch against Miami’s finest.

I think there were some bad calls, even stupid ones too, but they pulled out the “W” and have to win three more before they face the winner of Chicago/Cleveland, which obviously will be Cleveland. As long as the Celtics win Game 2, I am picking them to close out the series at T.D. Bank Garden in Game 5.

Well that was my weekend. Quite an interesting one through the Boston Sports Scene, but I am hopeful that I will see more wins than loses this week, but you never know, especially as a Boston fan!

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