The Joy in Predicting Sports

Joe Namath said the Jets would win! He Even Predicted It too!

In life, nothing is scripted, everything is just…. Well I would say the word “just.” We can’t tell the future or answer the question, “Will I get an ‘A’ on this Science project,” but we can have fun by making a little wager or gamble once in a while, right?

I am talking about predictions people… predictions!

Who doesn’t enjoy making a prediction? Who loves stating to opposing team’s fans, “My team is better than your team?” That is a prediction, especially a BOLD one too!

This past week, a Noontime Sports fan asked me, “What will the score of the Bruins game be tonight”, approached me?

I paused, thought for a few seconds and responded, “4-2 or 2-1.”

My friend smiled and exclaimed, “Lets see if you are right again!”

What this friend is alluding to is how I predicted the Boston Bruins-Philadelphia Flyers Game 2 of the Semi-Final round score correctly.

Being the savvy cool guy that I am, I wrote on my Facebook wall, “The Bruins will win, 3-2 this evening.”

It wasn’t exactly in those words, but I also predicted that the Boston Celtics would even their second round series with “Team Bron Bron,” (Cleveland Cavaliers) and the Red Sox would lose their fourth game in a row after a lousy weekend performance in Baltimore.

My prediction result… (Drum Roll Please!) …. Two out of Three of the games  were correct!

In sports, we always have to make predictions, otherwise, why watch, right? Who doesn’t love calling their friends before the big game and screeching over the phone the following:


I love doing that to my friends, especially since some of the teams I choose to support or root for these days aren’t always favored or the best.

For example, it is rather tough being a Dallas Cowboys fan in the Northeast and having everyone tell me, “Tony Romo is AWFUL!” Yet, I keep predicting that better days for him and the Dallas Cowboys are coming. Besides, didn’t 2009 prove anything or support my prediction?

Predictions are what make games fun, right sports fans?

Come on, the famous prediction that we always joke about is the one with Joe Namath in 1969 prior to the Super Bowl III kick-off against the highly favored Baltimore Colts. His statement was just the first of many to allow the sports media world to learn to listen to what the athletes say off the field, not just on it or in the locker room.

How about a few years ago when Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Anthony Smith immediately predicted victory against the undefeated New England Patriots. He explained to the media, “Yeah, we goin’ to win.” His comments were perfect bulletin board material for Coach Belichick and the rest of his New England Patriots. End result … Patriots win by a score of 34-13.

Yet, what Smith and Namath have in common is the boldness to strike up a conversation and cause drama in the sports world. Come on people, we all love hearing these crazy and bizarre comments? Or am I just being crazy by writing that predictions are important in sports?

How about those sports writers that decide every year who will win the American League East, isn’t that fun?

How about those that Tweet on their Twitter accounts that their team is better than the other one?

You see, predictions are fun. I know that I maybe riding a hot streak with some recent predictions, but I do need to own up to saying that the Patriots were going to win the Super Bowl this past season. Yeah… that didn’t happen, but again, predictions are fun and what make sports truly entertaining.

So, why don’t you make a prediction. Facebook it or Tweet it, as well as pick up that phone and call your father. Once you make a bold prediction, you won’t want to stop.

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