A Weekend of Rivalries: Which One Is The Best this Weekend?

It is in fact Friday, which means the weekend can begin! This one should be a fun one, especially how this evening kicks-off a triple-header of games for the local hometown of Boston, Massachusetts.

Lets have good old Noontime break these down into different categories and help you decide, which is the best contest to watch.

The Matchups: Red Sox-Yankees (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), Flyers-Bruins (Friday) and Cavaliers-Celtics (Friday and Sunday).

Oldest Rivalry: Hands down… Boston vs. New York.

Celtics-Cavaliers will be fun to watch, especially if LeBron's elbow is okay!

Most Enjoyable Rivalry: For me, being a basketball guy, I am going to say the Cavaliers-Celtics. This isn’t a rivalry that compares to Lakers-Celtics, but ever since LeBron has turned Cleveland into an NBA city, this rivalry has been exciting.

Also, who doesn’t love the fact that a few old guys, such as Garnett, Allen, Pierce, Wallace and Finley can compete against Shaq, LeBron and Mo Williams? I think this one is the most enjoyable of all three contests this weekend, especially since I will be in attendance for Game 4 on Sunday, will be Cavaliers-Celtics.

Lets Talk History: Every die-hard sports fan knows that indeed, Sox-Yankees is possibly the greatest and oldest rivalry in the books. Trust me, ever since Boston let go of the Babe, the Hub, as never been the same. Ruth helped the Yankees turn into a baseball dynasty, which led to multiple years of dramatic finishes for the Sox that never resulted hoisting their sixth championship, until the year 2004.

Tonight, I never get too amped or excited when the Yankees and Sox meet, especially still this early in the season. Of course, it’s Sox-Yankees, but its not truly their time until late September and early October. Besides, we know that the best time to watch these two clubs go at it is during the fall when they compete for World Series glory.

A Good Story: I think it would be an awesome story to read tomorrow about how the Boston Bruins, a team that suffered from injuries and an identity problem all season, closes out their semi-final round series this evening against the Flyers in Philadelphia. Now that the Bruins are hurting again, a little rest would be exactly what the doctor ordered.

The Edge: Again, I am a basketball guy, but as of recently, I have thoroughly enjoyed watching playoff hockey, so if you are in need of a good dose of sports this evening, I suggest, Bruins-Flyers to begin your evening.

If The Bruins play "Big-Bad Bruins Hockey" They will Sweep the Flyers!

Predictions: The Yankees are coming in on a 4-game winning streak, but so are the Sox too. I like the Sox to win at least 1 game, but feel the Yankees will take 2 out of 3 this weekend, which will extend their series lead to 4-1.

As for the Bruins, their injuries scare me, which makes me think they will lose Game 4, but rebound at home on Monday and take the series in 5. If they get out to an early lead, as well as continue their physical play, then they sweep the Flyers this evening.

Lastly, Celtics will win Games 3 and 4, which will make them 13-1 against the Cleveland Cavaliers in Boston in the playoffs.

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