Celtics-Magic: Game 2 re-cap

Rajon Rondo is clearly this years MVP of the 2010 NBA Playoffs

Up 2-0 with two games on their home court, are we thinking sweep? Possibly the guy who hacked Paul Pierce’s twitter account thinks so, especially by writing, “Anybody got a BROOM?”

At times this game reminded everyone of those heated Celtics-Piston rivals from the 80’s. Even moments of last night’s game felt like the Pacer-Celtics contests from the early part of this new millennium. Although, any fan can take away the fact or idea that these two teams are starting to not like one another.

Take for example the Rondo whiplash in the first quarter. How about when Dwight Howard elbowed Pierce in the face? Even Kendrick Perkins, Rasheed Wallace and Kevin Garnett looked somewhat upset when the referees would call fouls against them too.

Don’t take this the wrong way, but seriously, how awful is the officiating in this league? Between two games against the Magic, as well as all six against the Cavaliers, the NBA loves their franchise faces. You know, Dwight Howard and LeBron James are what make this league the NBA, but giving them so much leeway is just wrong.

Dwight Howard had 4 of the 25-team fouls. Vince Carter also had 4 too. Getting these two star players into foul trouble was just one of the reasons the Celtics captured Game 2. Yet, the contributions from Howard and Carter, 46 points combined, were helpful, but not enough. Even the amount of missed field goals was a problem, as the Magic shot 28-71 (39.4%) from the field. This is a plus for the Boston Celtics, holding a powerful shooting team to a small margin.

As for the Boston Celtics, the play of Rajon Rondo continues to impress myself, as well as the rest of Celtics Nation. His leadership, as well as Jeff Van Gundy referral to Jason Varitek (Boston Red Sox catcher), is so true by the leadership he is displaying. Not only has Rondo improved his communication on the court, but also his shooting. Following a clutch Kevin Garnett turnaround jumper to regain the lead, 91-90, it was Rondo’s clutch two-pointer, which gave the Celtics a 3-point lead.

The Celtics have this series in their hand and need to continue playing aggressive defense, but also, team-basketball. If Rondo continues to cause problems for Orlando on Saturday, consider Game 3 and 4 the possible end to the 2009 Eastern Conference Champions.

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