The Mistakes of Joyce and Selig on the 27th Out

How does Jim Joyce feel about the 27th-out today?

Was Jason Donald truly safe? Could Armando Gallarraga have thrown a different pitch? Did Jim Joyce have the best angle in the stadium?

So many questions, concerns, thoughts and ideas still remain from that particular game, including some of my own.

I feel that baseball is a game that takes time, concentration and focus. It isn’t a fast sport like hockey, lacrosse and basketball, where multiple fouls or attempts to take out an opponent won’t always be exhibited toward the officials, but in this particular game, how did Joyce not call the 27th out correctly? Did he not see Galarraga’s foot touch the base a split second before Donald’s? Was he looking at something else? Did he want to cost Galarraga a chance to be inscribed in the history books?

Besides Joyce, why didn’t commissioner Bud Selig reverse the call? Was he blindsided too? Did he not want Galarraga or the city of Detroit to embrace a special baseball moment?

I am beside myself. I am flabbergasted with this entire turn of events, as well as still pondering how this call was made incorrectly? Joyce should be fired and Selig should receive a pay-cut for not reversing this call.

All in all, I remain sided with the broadcasters who believed the final out was recorded and not stolen away by Joyce and Selig.

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