The Great “Big Baby” Davis

Glen Davis Played Terrific in Game 4, can he keep this up?

Shooting hoops this afternoon and trying to do initiate my best Glen “Big Baby” Davis impression, the neighbors watched in awe!

Last night, I gave my MVP of Game 4 to “Big Baby” Davis. I loved his hustle, heart and hard work. I don’t care what various radio stations or Mark Jackson had to say in regards to him supposedly drooling at mid-court, I just loved his performance.

All Celtics fans have to admire this young mans courageous effort and energy to lift the Celtics to victory, as well as secure a 2-2 series tie.

Not only did he show the same signs of greatness last spring when the Celtics were without an ailing Kevin Garnett, but that same player, Davis, just happened to reappear at the right time last night.

The fourth quarter should now be known has “Baby Time.” Maybe Glen Davis is on a mission to prove the baby’s want more than success, they want victories in life too.

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