A Letter to NBA Fans on Free Agency

Dear NBA Fans:

Day Two of NBA Free Agency 2010, but still, loads of speculations, discussions and ideas of where the top players will play come October and November. Although, in response to my last post, I only received one comment from a fan that did let me know he does care about this particular signing period.

Just a simple and quick response, the fans response has allowed me to know, if he cares, then possibly the rest of America cares too. Although, if LeBron James does make his way to Chicago or New York, will that have any affect on you, the fan?

Simply, I am not planning on losing any sleep this week or the next; in fact, I will sleep fine this entire month. No matter what organization Dwayne Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh sign with, it won’t have any impact on my life, job or family.

People are taking this whole NBA Free Agency period incredibly the wrong way or possibly too serious. Free agency is a part of any major sports organization in America. No matter if a contract is expired or if a player chooses to seek alternate options, it should not turn into a gigantic media buzz.

Yes, everyone is giving his or her own two cents about what if Lebron James goes here or there, but seriously, what if he returns to Cleveland? What if he joins the Memphis Grizzlies? Orlando Magic? Tries out for the San Diego Chargers? Would that be such a big deal to you?

I cannot stand this hype of where each individual player will end up once the signing period on July 8, 2010, is officially underway. I cannot stand hearing about the latest rumors. This has gone on way too long!

Again, as I mentioned in my last post, beat writers, NBA analysts and fans have all been talking about this free agency for nearly two-years. Two years people, two freaking years!!

I am absolutely beside myself over how much hype this entire ongoing free agency period in the NBA is receiving. If I was a true NBA fan, which sadly to say, I am not at the moment, I would care, but looking at it from a blogger and general sports fan perspective, I don’t like how much attention Dwayne Wade, LeBron James and Chris Bosh are obtaining for their simple decisions.

Thank you for reading my letter and I sure hope we can still be friends! Have a wonderful day!


Mr. Noontime Sports

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