James will make decision Thursday

LeBron James maybe making a big mistake with his prime-time decision!

Set your watches, alarm clocks and make sure you find a television because this hourly event sounds like it has the makings for a Hollywood ending!

Who knows exactly what will be said or exhibited tomorrow evening, but from the looks of it, LeBron is planning something special.

Below are just a few questions that come to mind about what he will discuss or explain to the American public.

Will he show off a brand new dunk and then announce his team of choice?

Will he do what he did in his All-State commercial and announce he is planning to play for the Cleveland Browns?

Or will he just admit he needs more time?

Decisions, decisions, decisions are what has to be on the mind of James this afternoon and early evening. Perhaps he has already decided and enjoying some much needed R&R? Possibly he and his friends are traveling? Could LeBron be outside the United States at this moment?

Speculate all you want, but it seems that this could be a HUGE mistake on his part and possibly continue to add more misery toward his NBA resume. LeBron has not won an NBA title, but needs to position himself mentally. If he wants to win, he needs to be a true leader and care less about endorsements or highlight reel dunks and start caring more about his teammates.

If LeBron leaves Cleveland and chooses Miami, not only will he lose, but also, cause Wade and Bosh to not be successful too. Having those three on the same team seems like trouble and could be the wrong thing for all of them. I am personally fine with Wade and Bosh together, but not LeBron.

James and Wade is a problem waiting to happen!

So why don’t you stay in Cleveland, Mr. James? Could you remain in Ohio for a few more years? Ohio needs LeBron!

Forget the money, but stay with a team and city that desperately need you. Forget Mayor Bloomberg’s commercial about New York being the greatest city in the world. Forget those YouTube songs being written about Chicago, Dallas and Houston. Forget the marches that have occurred in Los Angles to “bring the king” to Hollywood.

All in all, tomorrow, Thursday, July 8, 2010, will be a day that LeBron will surely want to forget. I imagine that this entire hoopla will be something every sports or NBA fan will think is a gigantic joke.

I am sorry, but President Obama deserves the primetime spot, not LeBron James.

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