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Will Terry Francona be managing the Sox come October?

Thoughts on the Sox: Will the Red Sox be a playoff team?

Okay Bostonians, here I am about to say something that many of you disgusted, but I say, NO! The Sox will not make the playoffs!

The Sox have prevailed over the years when dealing with the injury bug, as well as limped into the playoffs hurt too, but this year, 2010, is not the year for them. Unfortunately, the New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays seem over-powering . Also, they are not using minor leaguers for their professional club.

Sam Bradford – Should he receive a gigantic amount of guaranteed money?

Quarterback Sam Bradford who was drafted in April by the St. Louis Rams is supposedly being guaranteed $45-$50 million with the contract he will eventually sign. This seems outrageous and completely unnecessary. He is a rookie quarterback that has yet to take a single snap in this league, but do the Rams organization really wants to pay this untested fresh-face that much money? I find this outrageous!

Will T.O. be playing in the NFL this fall?

When will T.O. find an NFL home?

NFL fans may have to wait a few more weeks or even another month. I do not see Owens signing up to play with another NFL team at the moment. Supposedly he has assured people that he is not a troublemaker, but gives it time fans; he will cause some trouble, even if it is in the UFL. Could I see T.O. suiting up for Nevada, Florida or Connecticut in the UFL, absolutely, but I don’t think he will be in training camp come August.

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