Bob Wirz, on Noontime Sports the Podcast

Bob Wirz of joined Matt Noonan to discuss Minor League Baseball.

Noontime Sports the Podcast has been highlighting the Pittsfield Colonials, a member of the CanAm League in the northeast this entire week and Wirz was an excellent guest and knows the ins and outs of Minor League Baseball very well.

Wirz, who has been around baseball since his youth gave great information on how important it is to have baseball back in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. He hopes the fans rally around the team for the final few weeks of the 2010 season.

To learn more about Bob Wirz, below are a few various sites that he is affiliated or runs, as well as the podcast too!

Wirz & Associates: Sports Consulting, Public Relations and Marketing Specialists

HuskyPedia, (A site all about UConn Athletics)

Atlantic League Notebook blog

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