Noontime Sports Sunday Column: The Love of Football

After experiencing a relaxing calm and cool breeze this weekend in Western Massachusetts, all that I could think about was that it is time for some football. Yet, part of it has to do with Kenny Chesney’s new song, “The Boys of Fall,” which I highly recommend for all my readers.

Although, I am not here to voice my musical thoughts on certain songs that I choose to listen to on YouTube, but instead, kick-off my brand new Sunday column and explain why I am extremely anxious for a brand new NFL season.

I usually find myself eager to watch baseball in April, but after a few days of the same routine, the pitcher throws the ball, the catcher catches the ball and the Red Sox lose two or three times in that first week, it just becomes a routine to me.

That is why baseball will never compare to football because it is a sport that keeps you wanting more and more each week. For those who don’t know me, football is my favorite sport and I owe the love of the game to my father, a former player himself back in high school. Though he never played a single down in college or reached the professional level, his passion and excitement for the game was officially handed down to me at a young age.

I can remember throwing the football with him in the backyard, which included running various routes he often showed me. We use to throw the ball inside our living room while watching games, but my mother always frowned upon our decision to toss the pigskin inside.

I also remember vividly when the Dallas Cowboys played the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XXX and how we both sat side by side on the couch. We were not just your typical father and son watching a game together, but instead, we were two football fanatics cheering on the Cowboys.

My father loves to regale stories of great teams and players from his day. He was a gigantic Dick Butkus fan, a former Chicago Bears linebacker and often idolized him when he played organized football.

I, on the other hand, have always been a Cowboys fan, which meant I looked up to the “Big Three,” Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin and Emmitt Smith when I was growing up. Although, I always found time to appreciate other greats during my youth, such as Drew Bledsoe, Steve Young, Jerry Rice, Barry Sanders and John Elway.

The love of football connects my father and I on a regular basis. We are always discussing hot stove issues every day, as well as counting the weeks until the start of another NFL season.

So you are probably wondering, why am I so eager for the NFL to begin? Well the reason is because it involves spending every Sunday with my father at Gillette Stadium and watching his favorite team, as well as my second beloved squad, the New England Patriots. There is no better feeling than going to games with my father and afterward, discussing the good and bad moments from the particular contest.

My father is very special to me and when September rolls around every year, I know that it is time for both of us to come together and enjoy our favorite sport, football.

The Noontime Sports Sunday Column is a new addition to the blog. Not only will it be an opinion piece written by Matt Noonan, but it will primarily focus on the week that was, as well as look ahead to the next few days in sports. Feel free to respond to this post or send your comments to

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