Daily Noontime – September 2, 2010

Another Good Day from Noontime Sports! Have a great day and here is your Daily Noontime!


* The Washington Nationals and Florida Marlins decided to do more than just baseball, as Nyjer Morgan caused some controversy.

* Nike has decided to step up their game with brand new, battle field jersey’s for college football.

* The BIG TEN has decided to split up Michigan and Ohio State in new six team divisions in 2011. Yet, the rivalry between the two schools will remain.

* Andy Roddick is upset over a foot-fault yesterday at the U.S. Open. Roddick lost in the second round and has packed his bags to go home.

* Will New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter want to increase his contract and earn A-Rod money?

* Now that Delonte West is back in Boston, will he cause chaos or help the Celtics be Finals bound?

* New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez has Justin Bieber fever!

Games to Watch:

*New England Patriots at New York Giants (NFL) (7:00pm eastern)

*Rhode Island at Buffalo (NCAA FB) (7:00pm eastern)

*Boston Red Sox at Baltimore Orioles (MLB) (7:05pm eastern)

*Philadelphia Phillies at Colorado Rockies (MLB) (7:10pm eastern)

*Marshall University at Ohio State University (NCAA FB) (7:30pm eastern)

Video of the Day:

Enjoy Nyjer Morgan‘s fight from Wednesday evening in Florida!

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