Daily Noontime – September 7, 2010

Due to a crazy morning in the sports world, Noontime Sports thought today, we would bring you our “Daily Noontime” in the afternoon! For those on the east coast, have a great afternoon and those in the west, good morning!


* New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady has yet to reach an agreement on a new contract, but will he before the season begins this Sunday? Also, receiver Randy Moss wants a new contract too, as well as is starting to pout!

* Sorry USC fans, but the former Trojans running back Reggie Bush will be stripped of his Heisman Trophy.

* New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez makes it 14 seasons in a row of 100 RBI’s.

* Chicago’s Wrigley Field roof bleacher’s attendance to games are not good, plus economy takes toll on sales.

* Boise State beat Virginia Tech on Monday, so now the BCS talks have begun! Good Grief!

Games to Watch:

*Brazil at Argentina (FIBA) (2:00pm eastern)

*Tampa Bay at Boston (MLB) (7:10pm eastern)

*Cincinnati at Colorado (MLB) (8:40pm eastern)

Video of the Day:

How about a good music song, such as Katy Perry‘s “Teenage Dream,” but instead, a spoof about YOUTUBE?

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