• JaketheForgottenMember

    I have so much i wish i could talk about with you guys on this, but i’m only going to say one thing: You guys are nuts for thinking the Bears are 1.) going to finish in last place in the NFC North, and 2.) going to lose AT HOME TO THE LIONS to start the season. Cutler and Martz is a match made in football heaven, and Urlacher, Briggs and Tillman are healthy and ready to thrive in a defensive scheme that can be as aggressive and opportunistic as it has previously been, now with a pass rush that features elite DE Julius Peppers. Throw in a rebound year from Forte (even if it’s average), and you have the surprise team of the NFL. They will struggle against teams like GB, the Jets and Dallas, but i see them pulling of some wins in some hostile stadiums. I can reasonably see 8 wins from this team.

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