NFL 2010 Season Preview – NFC Break Down

Can Rodgers lead the Packers to Dallas, Texas for the Super Bowl?

Labor Day has come and gone. Summer is literally over and the young minds are back in the classroom, which means fall is upon us and another football season is about to begin.

Are you excited? Ready to cheer on your favorite team? Have your war paint or favorite jersey in front of you?

Well, enough with the questions, it is officially time for Noontime Sports to serve up their divisional winners and Super Bowl predictions. In this particular blog post, we have provided our NFC breakdown and playoff predictions.

NFC East

1.) Dallas Cowboys – Welcome Dez Bryant to an offense that is already stacked with weapons for quarterback Tony Romo. The Cowboys have a great offense, an improved Felix Jones at tailback and a defense that strikes fear into their opponents. This team is destined to go far this season, but will they be the first team to have a home game in the Super Bowl? Only time will tell.

2.) New York Giants – A new stadium and team that jumps out to early wins, but is not consistent. It will be a seesaw battle for the G-Men this fall.

3.) Philadelphia Eagles – Let the Kevin Kolb era begin the Philadelphia, but are Eagles fans ready for an up and down season? They will struggle at times, but their defense will possibly be the offense in many games.

4.) Washington Redskins – A new quarterback by the name of Donovan McNabb and head coach Mike Shanahan, along with a trouble making defensive end, Albert Haynesworth means the Redskins will be in for a long season.

NFC North

1.) Green Bay Packers –Head coach Mike McCarthy should possibly book reservations for Dallas, Texas because his team certainly has what it takes to reach the Super Bowl. A great offense and defense, plus a sensational quarterback, how can NFL fans not root for the Pack this fall?

2.) Minnesota Vikings – So Brett Favre is back, but Sidney Rice is gone for at least half the season. Hmmm… are the Vikings doomed? Can Adrian Peterson hold onto the ball and will Jared Allen have a pro-bowl season? Lots of concerns for the “Purple People Eaters!”

3.) Chicago Bears – Bears fans needs something cheer or be excited about, especially after the dismal season the Cubs have had. Yet, what will Jay Cutler do in his second term as quarterback? How will Brian Urlacher fare after missing an entire season due to an injury? Also, is Matt Forte ready to have a great season? These are just a few of the many questions Bears fans needs to think about before watching their team week one.

4.) Detroit Lions – Matthew Stafford may have been a bust for fantasy owners last season, but the Lions are headed in the right direction. Young talents on both sides of the ball, plus a coach on Twitter, just give them a few wins and they should be fine.

Will Reggie Bush's Heisman troubles interfere with the Saints season?

NFC South

1.) New Orleans Saints – Super Bowl champions last season and possibly Super Bowl chumps this fall. Can Drew Brees and Sean Payton continue their success from the previous season? Will they help a city on the fringes continue to feel proud about the men dressed in white and gold? Also, how about this whole Reggie Bush situation, that seems like a disaster waiting to happen.

2.) Atlanta Falcons – Matt Ryan may have had a hiccup season last fall, but look for the young man to rebound. Michael Turner has lost weight and supposedly ready to take on more of an effective role. They will challenge the Saints this season and could possibly win this division, but a lot of it rides on their defense.

3.) Carolina Panthers – Head coach John Fox is already receiving the award for coach of the year, but until he wins some games, don’t hand him the trophy or plaque just yet. Also, how will this defense do without Julius Peppers up front?

4.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers – There is not much to say about the Buccaneers, except that they are awful, pathetic and terrible. If they win one game this season, a celebration is necessary and maybe a parade too.

NFC West

1.) San Francisco 49ers – Alex Smith has had some up and down seasons with the 49ers, but this season, it is all on him. Michael Crabtree and Vernon Davis are great resources for 2nd and 3rd downs, but don’t forget that this defense can cause pressure and blitz. Also, the addition of Brian Westbrook will compliment Frank Gore at running back.

2.) Seattle Seahawks – USC’s former head coach Pete Carroll didn’t succeed in New England, so what will his legacy be in Seattle? A team that should be somewhat decent, but has holes will be fun to watch, but at the end of the day, they are neither playoff bound nor going to be considered for a BCS Bowl game.

3.) Arizona Cardinals – No more Kurt Warner, who is the newest member of the NFL Network. Matt Leinart is gone and now the pressure is on Derek Anderson. Their run game is not too impressive, but their defense does do a great job of sending various blitzing packages at the correct time. Don’t consider them playoff bound, but the Cardinals are headed backwards, not forward.

4.) St. Louis Rams – Again, it will be another rebuilding season for the Rams, but certainly all the former Sooner fans from Oklahoma will be watching quarterback Sam Bradford. Don’t forget running back Steven Jackson too, along with a young group of receivers and defensive players who will eventually come together in the years to come. If the Rams can at least win five or six this season, consider it a stepping-stone for their future in the NFL.

NFC Playoff Predictions

1.) Green Bay Packers

2.) New Orleans Saints

3.) Dallas Cowboys

4.) San Francisco 49ers

5.) Minnesota Vikings

6.) Atlanta Falcons

(Wild Card Round)

Dallas (3) beats Atlanta (6)

Minnesota (5) beats San Francisco (4)

(Divisional Round)

Dallas (3) beats New Orleans (2)

Green Bay (1) beats Minnesota (5)

(NFC Championship)

Green Bay (1) beats Dallas (3)

(NFC Champions)

Green Bay Packers

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