NFL Week One Re-Cap: Jets Don’t Live Up to Hype/Controversy Already

Did the referees rule Calvin Johnson's touchdown correctly?

The NFL 2010 season has started off with a bang. Some great games, interesting finishes, as well as teams that were labeled Super Bowl bound looking nothing like champions. Yet, let’s at least examine some interesting storylines from this past week.

The Chicago Bears-Detroit Lions affair was quite enthralling, especially how the Bears had major issues in the red zone, but the biggest concern was if the referees called Calvin Johnson’s touchdown correctly.

Did he actually make the catch? Did the referees make the right call? Should the Lions have won the game?

You decide, but clearly, it seems that call will be a questionable play that will be discussed for the next few months.

Remember two years ago when a well-known official by the name of Ed Hochuli called one of Jay Cutler’s pass attempts not a fumble, but instead, an incomplete pass?

Referees are human, but what should the call be? Would another referee have called it differently? Is it good for the NFL to have this chaos already?

The reason they put the NFL instant replay option into games is to make sure that every call could be corrected if a coach or official believed it seemed incredibly wrong or incorrect. Although, it is only week one, so if the Lions happened to be in the playoff chase come November or December, then this call will reappear as a loss that hurt the squad.

No need to panic Lions fans, but for those who support the Dallas Cowboys, it is time to panic. Again, its only one week, but after playing so dreadful against Mike Shanahan’s new look Washington Redskins, led by quarterback Donovan McNabb, Cowboys fans should be concerned.

What happened to a team that all the NFL writers and reporters believed had the best offense? Aren’t they supposed to have a quality “doomsday” defense too?

The Cowboys looked dismal this past week and not being able to convert points in the red zone showed that possibly this team will struggle as the season progresses.

Are they sill a lock for the NFC East? Yes they are, especially how the Redskins didn’t look too impressive either and the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles didn’t have a great week one too.

Where did Batman and Robin go on Sunday at Gillette Stadium?

What happened in New England on Sunday when the star-studded tandem of Batman and Robin, also known as Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco went running off the field before the first half of play had been completed? Wouldn’t Marvin Lewis seem upset over this situation?

Forget Cincinnati, the New England Patriots have a few issues of their own, which doesn’t start with their front three on defense, but instead with wide receiver Randy Moss. Moss, who normally has a short post game media session, took 16 minutes on Sunday to spout off why he wants a new contract.

Finally, Rex Ryan and his New York Jets struggled on Monday night against the Baltimore Ravens. The final score, 10-9, but Ryan’s offense looked horrific. Will they be able to compete against a Patriots team that put up 38 points in week one? We shall see!

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